Project 365 #50 {Feeling Festive}

I'm finally feeling festive this week.
The first present appeared under the tree and the Christingle service made us feel all warm and Christmassy inside.

Project 365 #50

Project 365 day 341 - A walk with the boy // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 342 - Festive Chai Latte // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 343 - On a cold and frosty morning // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 344 - The first present // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 345 - Christingle // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 346 - Happy Christmas from Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 347 - Christmas in Bath // 76sunflowers

Day 341
Just me and my boy today - we enjoyed a walk from our doorstep followed by Arthur Christmas back home.
Day 342
A rare take away festive drink - a chai latte always puts me in the seasonal mood.
Day 343
A beautiful cold and frosty morning for the walk to school today.
Day 344
My first present under the tree - a perk of the job.
Day 345
The girl had her Christingle tonight - the church being plunged into darkness followed by the flickering candles always warms the heart.
Day 346
A Happy Christmas from Camp Bestival today with the first line up announcement - I'm kind of excited to see Kaiser Chiefs and Underworld!
Day 347
Making the most of the temporarily nearby in-laws I headed into Bath with the husband for the afternoon. Only a tiny bit of shopping needed to be done so we enjoyed just wandering around, looking at the decorations and partaking in a mulled cider - or two.

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Underworld {Camp Bestival}

It's Friday.
It's been a long week with the run up to Christmas at work.
Everyone is over excited.
Everyone needs to calm down a bit.
Then I came home.
And got over excited again as this landed in my inbox...

Line up Camp Bestival 2015

So obviously I had to listen to this and start educating the kiddos in all things nineties...

You'll find me with the rest of the sun soaked parents reliving the nineties on Sunday August 2nd in the fields at Lulworth Castle.
If you're tempted there's a Xmas Offer on here.
Or check out more info at
You won't be disappointed!
For past reviews and information take a peek here....
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Just me and my boy

Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers

I love being a mother of two but sometimes it's just lovely to have one of them to myself.
Last weekend the girl was invited to a sleepover at a friend's house.
I'm loving her growth in confidence and the fact that she is developing new friendships at school.
I'm also freaked out by the speed at which they are both growing.
Rare time alone with the boy always makes me think back to the days when E had just started school and A was just 2.
I was a SAHM - life was so much easier then.
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers
Just me and my boy // 76sunflowers

My boy led the way through the gate into the field at the end of the lane. We stopped to look around at the wide open space; space for children to run, space for dogs to be walked, space to walk through the leaves, space to throw them up and let the wind catch them on the breeze.
I'm so sad that this space, and much more here, is threatened by more than 500 houses.
We carried on through fields of animals, picking up sticks and pretending to be Harry Potter making magic.
We looked up at the pylons, always an imposing sight and always rather worrying when the passing clouds makes them look as if they are about to tumble.
We walked around the fields chatting about the train line and a passing diverted train with endless carriages.
We walked around the fields hand in hand appreciating what we have on our doorstep.
We walked around the fields enjoying being mummy and son.

Time with my boy took me back.
Time with my boy is so precious.

How long will it be until he doesn't want to hold my hand?

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Project 365 #49 {Light}

A variety of light seems to be a running theme this week.

Project 365 #49

Project 365 #49 day 334 - Winter sunset // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 335 - Basement Jaxx 02 Academy Bristol // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 336 - Plants for sale // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 337 - Fairy lights // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 338 - Lamp post light // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 339 - Sunrise // 76sunflowers
Project 365 #49 day 340 - Christmas tree // 76sunflowers

Day 334
The kiddos had play dates home and away today and I was able to walk back and forth for drop offs and pick ups. I love the freedom of walking and will always choose to walk over driving when I can. You miss the beautiful skies and sunsets when stuck behind the wheel of a car.
Day 335
A rare night out with my lovely friend today. She booked tickets for Basement Jaxx after we had seen them at Camp Bestival, this time we were obviously without the children. A night of live music is always good and I'm glad I can still hold my own with the young 'uns half my age!
Day 336
I walked to the local village post office today to send off some #postcircle mail and a package to my American pen-pal. On the way back the local farm had plants for sale - every time I never have change on me to buy anything.
Day 337
New fairy lights purchased. Always have to check they work.
Day 338
A soggy start to the day. Not always easy leaving for work in the dark with only the glow of the street lamp to brighten up the morning.
Day 339
A beautiful sunrise today - my camera phone snap leaving the house just didn't do it justice.
Day 340                                                                                                                                                               Finally tree day arrived. This year, due to an extra chair in the front room, we have our old smaller tree in there and the bigger tree has been put in the back room. This room gets the sunlight and as we were decorating the light streamed through the back windows.

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Canal Life {Country Kids}

Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers

Last weekend I had to get out of the house.
Everybody else needed some persuading - content with lazing around the house I bribed them with a flask of hot chocolate and marshmallows.
The local canal is a favourite place and can be visited from many different locations.
Recently we had some childfree time and walked the stretch from Bradford-on-Avon and in a past Canal life post for Country Kids we explored the canal near Semington.
Last weekend we picked it up in Seend.

Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers

We walked the tow path and watched the cows and a gaggle of Canada geese in the opposite field. We crossed the swing bridge and had to try and make it swing. The kiddos led the way up the track to take us away from the canal so the park could be explored in the nearby village - where we also popped in to say hello to Grandma and Granddad and blag a couple of bourbon biscuits.

Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
I love the barges and house boats along the canal and always wonder what life aboard would be like. Year round. I love the idea of having one as a weekend retreat.
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
Canal Life {Country Kids} // 76sunflowers
We spotted the moon; in the sky and reflecting in the water. Then we watched the sun begin to set and finished off our walk with the traditional hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Where have you been exploring lately?

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