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1 May 2016

Running Diary {Hackney Half ~ Injury & Flu}

So we enter another month and it isn't long until my second half marathon in Hackney on May 8th.
Looking back there was a time when I thought I would just be a spectator and my running feet would be still...
12 days ago, towards the end of a long training run of 12 miles, my calf was in excruciating pain causing me to hobble for the next 48 hours. Turning to Dr Google, in hindsight probably not the best thing to do, I had visions of resting for anywhere between two - four weeks. Couple this with my nine days out at the end of March and beginning of April with flu, and I was not feeling prepared at all.
So I did the mature thing any runner with an injury can do - I sulked.
I was downright miserable.
Just ask my husband who may have bore the brunt of it - sorry hubby.
There followed six days of sulking as my calf got better to walk on but the thought of putting it through a run filled me with dread. I had another long run on the training plan that was not going to get done and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to throw in the towel quite yet so I raided the bank account and booked in with my physio.
Now the physio I have seen before is a past runner and sees running as a positive thing - not all physios do! He was super positive and assessed the calf as minor damage and could see the half as doable - but I was to drop the final 13 mile training run and focus on short and fast distances. One calf massage later I skipped out of his room and my mood changed so much in just 40 minutes - definitely worth the money!
Two days later I beat my 5k PB.
Four days later I ran a super comfortable 9 miles at race pace.

My mileage for April was significantly down due to flu and injury...
Miles for April - 65.5
March - 73
February - 84
January - 78

Miles so far in 2016 = 300.5

...but I am back on track to complete the Hackney Half. I may not beat my time set at Bath but my goal is to finish it, and enjoy it, with no pressures on myself.

x x x

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30 April 2016

Project 366 2016 #17

It's been an up and down week of crazy weather and moods for week 17 of Project 366 2016.
But it finished on a high.

Day 115
The final rugby festival of the season! It was cold and thankfully sunny at times for the 4 hours that we were stood watching the boy play. I am now looking forward to a Sunday morning lie in.
Day 116
A rather ominous dark sky followed us home on the walk back from school today. I'm struggling with not running this past week instead I have rested my sore calf and have been telling myself it is okay to pull out of a half marathon if I'm not fully fit.
Day 117
I needed to run today so I pushed myself out for a gentle run around the block that turned into a 3.2 mile run in memory of Capt David Seath. I also booked physio in Bradford on Avon which turned out to be very positive.
Day 118
How ridiculous is this frosty windscreen when it's nearly May?! Cold and sunny start to the day. No work meetings so a happier start to my working week.
Day 119
Physio told me to carry on running but no more long runs before the half in Hackney instead do some short and faster bursts. So tonight I did a 5k - and got a PB! The weather was crazy too and these rainbows looked beautiful across the Lane.
Day 120
A package for me today. I'm going to give these SIS gels a whirl on my weekend run in preparation for some fuelling in my half as I flaked with a drop in energy at the end of Bath.
Day 121
Tried out a SIS gel today and it set me up well as I ended up doing a pain free 9 mile run at race pace so I was one happy bunny! The sun actually shone all morning and I thought it may be time soon to swap the capris for shorts. Back home and the patio was looking lovely with lots of homegrown plants - well done hubby!

x x x

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23 April 2016

Project 366 2016 #16

Week 16 of Project 266 2016 and it was a mixed week of Spring weather with plenty of time outdoors.

Day 108
Almost the end of the rugby season and the boy had a festival at his home ground. The sun shone and it was a lovely morning.
Day 109
A dull Monday morning partly brightened up by the Spring blossom on the walk to school.
Day 110
Long training run today along the Kennet and Avon canal with 12 miles planned. A bit gutted to pull up just short with a painful calf. At first I thought it was cramp but it didn't shift and I fear I have pulled something - not the best thing to do with less than three weeks until Hackney Half.
Day 111
I spotted these tulips in the garden at work and thought how much like Drumstick sweets they look!
Day 112
School trip today and I spotted this big Lego Darth Vadar which I had to take a photo of for my Star Wars obsessed boy.
Day 113
I was so tired today and I climbed into bed early with the final episode of The People vs OJ to catch up on. If you haven't seen it I recommend it - although we all know the ending.
Day 114
A morning of housework followed by a relaxing few hours in my shack where I hid away with a magazine and a book. I go through phases with reading and today I binged on my latest library book almost finishing it off as I was so hooked.

x x x

16 April 2016

Project 366 2016 #15

Back to school and work week. That's all I need to say for week 15 of Project 366 2016.

Project 366 2016 day 102 - Spring daffodils // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 104 - Sweet peas // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 105 - Bunting fabric // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 106 - Chillis // 76sunflowers
Project 366 2016 day 107 - Library books // 76sunflowers

Day 101
Both of the kiddos were on sleepovers last night so I made the most of the Sunday morning and went out for a run. I had an hour and ten minutes before I was due to pick up my boy so ran 7.5 miles around the local lanes before it was time to get him.
Day 102
Back to school blues hit everyone today. The rain didn't really help either so I brightened up the day with some daffodils purchased from the local supermarket.
Day 103
Long run Tuesday and I finally feel I am almost back on track for the upcoming Hackney Half. Today I managed 11 slow miles through the morning mist and I had a pause for water by a local village church.
Day 104
A lovely sunny day for back to work Wednesday. The clock change in the holiday is now being fully realised as I came home from work and it was still light. On the patio the husband's sweet peas are coming along nicely.
Day 105
Tonight we prepped some fabric to make bunting for a summer get together. We got as far as unwrapping the fabric that we bought last week in the Tavistock Pannier Market.
Day 106
So tired today - my body hasn't quite caught up with back to work hours. Almost missed the photo today but here are the husband's chillis growing well in the kitchen.
Day 107
Saturday morning trip to town for chores and a trip to the library. I seem to judge a book by its cover and misinterpreted the cookbook thinking it was a slow cooker book - it isn't.
x x x
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