25 July 2011

We're all going on a Camp Besti Holiday!!

It's that time of year that I like to call Festivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!
It took me until last summer to go to my first music festival and thought "let's do it properly with a 4 and 2 year old and grumpy hubby who just LOVES to camp!" Please note the sarcasm, I do that alot when referring to the other half. So I did my research and discovered Camp Bestival, touted as the best family festival so trusted that, and bought tickets - OUCH! that hit the bank balance. Well, I like to plan (the teacher in me) and lists were drawn up, online forums visited and thanks to me we were set on having a well organised jaunt down to Lulworth. Once parked we loaded up the Phil & Teds with tent, cider and all the other paraphanalia that is needed to camp with children and off we bumped to get our wristbands and find a pitch. First thing I noticed was the Cath Kidston influence of the campsite, no crappy pop up tents here but huge monster tents with gazebos, bunting, fairy lights - I have noted this on my list for this week! Second thing I noticed was the Boden-class influence of the festival site (I felt right at home as I like to pretend I fit in there!), there was Hugh F-W's cafe, the WI tent, Boden itself, a huge choice of yummy food, 1000s of children that looked like they had fallen straight off the pages of the mini-Boden catalogue and....us!
So the list is ready, complete with fairy lights and bunting, the tutus are made and we are counting down the days!


  1. Good to see you blogging. Especting to see lots of tips on how to keep composed when the kids are driving you mad!

    Hope you'll be keeping all my mishaps to yourself though! ;-)

    Really looking forward to Camp Bestival. I could do with a stiff drink after the year I've had!


  2. Especting - obviously mean expecting - been at the shandy already!

  3. Sounds good will be watching for more tips! we are doing the Rewind festival in Aug although my boys are slightly older 10 and 13!!Looking forward to it although I feel your pain with buying the tickets-ours weren't cheap either!
    Will be following :)

  4. How did Grumpy OH cope?
    I can't imagine how anyone could be grumpy at camp bestial (although I was ready to lynch Mr Tumble at one point, but that's a whole other story)
    I think it's the Boden factor - everyone is terribly nice, I wonder if Waitrose will have a stall this year?
    Enjoy - you will have a fab weekend I am sure!

  5. It's the whole pitching tents and children waking in the night and shouting out "Nobody can hear me!" that heightens the grumpiness! Once on site with beer in hand it gets better! And as for Mr. Tumble? I thought I was going to witness a riot of Boden clad mummies!

  6. Looking forward to hearing how this goes...!


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