13 August 2011

10 things you don't know about me

Eek! I've been tagged by @mummyontheedge1 to take part in this revealing blog! I have seen some other posts under this title and have secretly thought to myself "I hope someone tags me!" but also ?????? "What on earth would I put as my life hasn't been that interesting?"
Well I have had a think so here you go....

1. I'm the youngest of 5 children. My mum had me when she was 40 and back in the 80s when I was at school that was perceived as really old and I got very fed up with the "your mum is the same age as my Grandma" comments. Many people think that being in a large family means you are all really close but in my case I'm not. I don't know whether being the youngest effects that?

2. I messed up my A-levels through sheer laziness - there I've admitted it! I loved GCSE History and had the most amazing teacher, Mrs Gardiner, but at A-level my teachers were so uninspiring and I just switched off to it. Still feel stupid that I took the wrong option there but things still turned out ok.

3. I lived in Boston, USA for a year when I was 18, working as an au-pair. At the time some friends were really surprised at this as I was such a shy and quiet thing in Sixth Form. Looking back it was probably one of the best things I could have done as it boosted my confidence enormously!

4. I am very insecure and still lack confidence. Following my year in Boston I was adamant that I would go back there and either study or work once I had a degree. But I took the easy option of staying home and made a stupid decision to follow my ex-boyfriend to his hometown to do my PGCE. The summer of that year he dumped me! I did, however, meet my husband in Bath.

5. I have had two serious relationships and too many flings. Insecurities struck when I was dumped so I was an easy target on a night out - enough said, I am quite ashamed about things sometimes.

6. I used to be obsessed with football having been taken to my first Norwich City game as a 6 year old when my brother was ill and couldn't go. From then on I had a season ticket until I had my year out and went off to uni. I would still go to games in the Midlands where I studied. Now, I cannot name the team and cannot afford the tickets!

7. I fell into teaching, it was never my dream! I previously wanted to join the police force and went through the interview process with the Norfolk Constabulary at the tender age of 18. I did quite well, whooped the others in the fitness test (!!??!!) and interviewed pretty well. However they told me to continue with my degree plans (Sociology) then come back - I didn't. I often wonder if I would have cut it? Always did fancy myself as Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect.

8. I am competitive. Be it when I used to play netball or am joining in the Twitter picture quiz (@beatledave)! I am a bad loser and I seem to have unwittingly passed this onto my daughter who had a major strop the other day when her spider got washed down the drainpipe in Incy Wincy Spider.

9. I used to smoke and am now really hypocritical about it. It is a disgusting, stinky habit and I want to thump people that smoke near children!

This is getting difficult now, I am going to have to ask the husband if there is anything at all interesting about me I may have forgotton.... no there isn't but this is what he suggested,

10. I'm married to a doctor! Unfortunately not the medical sort but the PhD sort of which I am still very proud of my husband for!

Right, I now tag:


(apologies if you have already done it!)



  1. Now who'd have thought it? You could have been on crimewatch (for all the right reasons I hasten to add!). I'll get right onto this. Thanks for tagging me x

  2. That's lovely and actually interesting. Not sure how I'm going to follow it b ut thanks for tagging me anyway. :)

  3. Oooo I wish you had tagged me!

    I am also one of those annoying ex-smokers who 'tut-tuts' smokers. But you're right. It is a filthy habit and those who smoke near children need to be smacked across the back of the head!

  4. Fantastic ! You are very well travelled and I think you would have given Helen Mirren a good run for her money x
    Mandy aka mummyontheedge


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