17 August 2011

The Gallery - Black & White

I've been looking through the amazing black and white photos on this week's Gallery and especially love photos from people's pasts. For some reason I don't have any pictures of me from my childhood to look back on and that has made me more determined to take truckloads of photos of my two for everyone to remember.

So I felt a bit stumped on what to do, then I started looking through my phone. Just a month ago I finally upgraded to a smartphone and was pretty impressed with the camera on it and took loads of shots using the different settings. I took a few in black and white as I think they make a picture........well just nicer somehow! Here is one of me and my boy that I took myself. I love the way he is filling the image and I also like the way the black and white has picked out my freckles! The image is not top quality but I just love it!



  1. Ahhh lovely :) I am the same with taking photos, I have got so many of Iyla, gonna have to make sure I take the same amount of any future children! x

  2. Aww gorgeous!! its amaing what you can do when messing around on your phone!! xx

  3. Hee hee this is such a fun photo of the two of you! you especially look very mischievous!! Xx

  4. What a brilliant photo! And a precious memory to look back on.

  5. This is a lovely shot. Really natural.

  6. You look lovely and you get the idea of the bond between you too

  7. This is such a great natural shot of the two of you - love it x


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