1 August 2011

Listography - Kids Movies

Today I am joining in KateTakes5 Listography

1. E.T.
My first ever trip to the cinema as a child was to see this classic and to this day it still remains my favourite childhood film. We watched it as a family last Christmas and my 2 loved it, whilst I sat and cried!

2. Toy Story 3
All 3 Toy Story films are fantastic but for me Toy Story 3 stands out - probably due to the whole mother / son relationship element to the storyline which makes me cry like a baby everytime Andy drives off to college. It makes me prematurely freak out about my kiddies growing up.

3. Tangled
A modern classic! Again makes me blub - bit of a theme here.

4. Babe
A talking sheep-pig - what more do you need?! And no I didn't cry.

5. Shrek
Big green ogre, talking donkey. Love watching it with the kids and seeing the jokes going over their heads!


  1. Oh I nearly had ET in mine - now I'm thinking I should have...Shrek and Babe - hard to fault. Thanks for joining in!

  2. How could I forget ET?!!!

    Loved Shrek and Babe but the sequels were so bad.

    Oh and I cry every time at Toy Story too.

  3. Shrek just missed out beeing included on ours too!

  4. Ahhh who could not love ET? great list x

  5. E.T is the first film I ever cried at. I've seen it once more since then but I find it too haard to watch. Pherrrrrnnnnn herrrrrrm
    Keith aka Reluctant Housedad

  6. So glad we can all cry over E.T.! Thanks for your comments x

  7. I've never seen Tangled. Must put that on my list to watch :)

  8. Have the tissues nearby though! x

  9. I love 1, 2, 4 and 5 already - and you've inspired me to put Tangled on my LoveFilm list so that I get chance to see whether I like that too. I always have tissues nearby, so that shouldn't be a problem ;-)


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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