28 August 2011

Listography - Seasonal Survival Tactics

Kate is enjoying the last days of summer having a break in sunny Wales so this week Alexander Residence http://aresidence.co.uk is hosting the Listography linky.

The theme this week is Seasonal Survival Tactics - what do we do to make the transition from Summer to Autumn a smooth one?

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Wardrobe preparation.

Never underestimate the English weather and never think that the children will fit into last year's autumn/winter coat. Every year I get caught out by a sudden dip in temperature and the daughter wanting to wear more than her jumper for the walk to school.
So my advice is: buy them a warm, hooded coat NOW!

2. Bedtime preparation.

My two have had 5 weeks of later bedtimes that have rolled into lazy mornings, snuggling with me in bed watching cbeebies, eating biscuits and having breakfast at 10.30! They will be in for a shock this Friday when I will be manically shouting at them to get up and dressed now for a 7.30 breakfast.
So I will be bringing bedtimes forward this week in the hope they will be waking a bit earlier and the shock will be easier for them to bear!

3. Pay attention to the calendar.

My August page of my calendar has looked pretty empty as we have chilled out and gone with the flow this summer. I need to look over the page to September as I cannot remember what days we need to go to ballet, gym & swimming, let alone what time their classes have changed to!
So look ahead and get planning!

4. Stock up on pastry.

Mmmmmmm autumn food! Berries, pumpkins, squashes.......PIE! I admit to being a rubbish pastry maker so often resort to buying ready made pastry that is so easy to roll out, blind bake and fill with allsorts of delights. Autumn brings the darker and chillier evenings where pie and mash really hits the spot.
So put pastry on the shopping list!

5. Check the wine rack.
This goes hand in hand with the above pies. At the moment I enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the evening with a nice cold pear cider but as the weather changes so does my drinking requirements. Don't get me wrong I am never going to turn down a cider if offered but on those chilly dark nights a warming glass of red wine is what we need. Goes well with pie and mash too.
So check out the wine aisle and grab some bottles now!

I do hope that some of the above will be of use if you find the change in seasons a bit of a pain to deal with! x  x


  1. We went and bought the girls a long pink, hooded duffle coat today to make sure we're ready for when the cold weather hits!
    I didn't think about bedtimes and lazy mornings so I'm also going to get them back into their bedtime routines from tomorrow and they will be going to bed at 7.30, not 9pm!
    Thanks for a great post :)

  2. Very good advice, especially checking the calendar. I'm all over the place at the moment with dates

  3. Oh I like the idea of stocking up on pastry and wine is a must!
    You sound so much more organised than me, good on you.

  4. Mmmmmm....pastry. Love a good excuse to have a pie!

    Good advice about the coat. Will get down to the shops straight away. Well it's half 11 - maybe tomorrow?!

  5. Ooooh pie & wine! How lovely :o)

  6. Yeah the late nights and late mornings are going to be hard to get out of! Help!!!

    Wine and pies sound great too :-)

  7. Great tips thanks. I'm glad you addressed food, as I am really at home with Autumn foods. Love the idea of pie. And why do shops run out of kids clothes a season ahead, so annoying for disorganised people like me, thanks for the reminder. I looked at September today on the calendar, eek so many birthdays in our family.

  8. Some lovely ideas - I'm a real pastry addict so the idea that I can legitimately stock up is fantastic! That and wine. Yum. Nice beef and ale pie, followed by a scrummy blackberry and apple pie - maybe a bit of currant pasty to go with the wine - is there such a thing as too much pastry?


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