5 August 2011

Remembering the baby days!

E (2 days old)
E (22 mths) & A (2 days)

I recently read Mommatwo's blog post entitled 'Where's my baby?' and it got me thinking about the passing of time and just how quickly babies turn into toddlers, toddlers into pre-schoolers, pre-schoolers into school children and, well you get the idea. My main worry now is BLINK and my children will be teenagers. Eek!
Whenever I see a pregnant lady I feel a little bit sad. That may sound strange but I get sad about the time that has gone so quickly. If I see a newborn it brings back so many happy memories. Now, I am not spending my days in floods of tears reminiscing on the past 5 years and dragging the hands of the clock back on my magical time machine - if only - but it makes me appreciate the children for what they are now and for what they will be tomorrow and the next day and the day after that......
All this got me thinking. What do I really miss about my two being babies and what have I put in the basement of my memory? So here is a list!:

What I miss
The pregnancy bump - technically this shouldn't be on the list but I absolutely loved being pregnant!
The breastfeeding - (baby A) - loved it, loved it the second time around. Most natural thing to do and many a happy hour was spent feeding with 22 month E happily playing (or watching cbeebies - a breastfeeding saviour!).
The baby cuddles - what a feeling, having a cuddle that could go on for hours if you let it.
The day naps - such a nice time to just RELAX
Going where I want to go - that great joy of being able to put baby in the pushchair and just walk at a decent pace, go into the shops, try on clothes, sit and have a cup a coffee.....
Maternity pay - only got the real benefit of that with the E but so nice to be at home with baby and still have money dripping into my purse.
What I don't miss
The nappy changing - I was determined to be 'eco earthmother' when pregnant with E so invested in Bambino Mios. As a whole the nappies were really good but I cheated with disposables when out and about, and also overnight, so my eco credentials were pretty slapdash. Now nappy changing didn't turn my stomach but I don't miss it! And I certainly don't miss the hassle of when my '100% eco flushable liners' blocked the drains - now that turned my stomach!
Making formula - Looking back, what a faff! The sterilising, the washing, the making, the paranoia over the safety of pre-making bottles & fridgeing them for a day..... "But you loved breastfeeding?" I hear you cry. Yes, I did with A but with E there were huge issues that involved round the clock expressing like a dairy cow so eventually formula took after (before I turned mad and started saying "Moo"). And with A I weaned off breastfeeding at 6 months so the whole bottle thing kicked in again.
Mastitis - horrible, horrible, horrible
Middle of night feeds, expressing and nappy changes - although if my sleep is disrupted now I feel worse than getting up 3 times a night and fully waking up to perform my motherly duties!

So is there anything you miss now if your babies are all grown up? Or maybe you still have them as babies - what might you be missing this time next year? And what have you happily forgotten about?



  1. OMG I miss everything about having a tiny baby, maybe why I have 6! They grow so so fast it is rather scary xxx

  2. The Real Supermum - Thanks for comment. Secretly there is a part of me that would love to have more as I miss the baby part SO much! But then reality kicks in! I am youngest of 5 so big brood is in the blood!

  3. Oh gosh - I don't really miss the baby part at all. And definitely not being pregnant. I am so relieved I will never be pregnant again.

    On reflection the only thing I do miss is the cuddles - they never sit still when they're over a year. It's also lovely to see them achieve their milestones.
    I guess I'm just not a baby baby person. I love them when they start to move around and chatter and you can see their personalities develop.

  4. Thanks 1978rebecca for comment. Just wish I could get my 5 yr old to sit still & give me a cuddle. She refuses goodnight kisses too - I think she has too much of the non-demonstrative gene from hubby's family!

  5. I don't miss the beginning of pregnancy. With both of mine I was sick at least once a day until 20 weeks. Enjoyed the end though and I loved my tiny bumps! I often look at my 5mth old and wonder where my tiny baby went. I am a bit of a sadist and quite enjoy nappy changing small babies although not once weaning starts!

    Lovely post, really got me thinking.

  6. I think i was v lucky with pregnancy, no sickness or aches & pains. Oh I had HUGE ankles at the end though!


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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