12 September 2011

35 - Is it time for a midlife crisis yet?

Yesterday I turned 35.

I wasn't that impressed at turning 35 as I feel I have fully hit midlife.

I took a photo of myself with my camera phone - so not the most flattering photographic equipment - and there are extra lines and even more tired looking eyes. But I was hungover. No grey hairs though as I had poured a box of L'oreal over my head on Friday night.

The good thing about my birthday was it fell on the weekend so I had the excuse of two days to 'celebrate'.

On Saturday I had my first girly day out in Bath shopping and having lunch for nearly two years!!! (that's no. 54 crossed off my Day Zero Project list)

I spent my husband's money on some new clothes and bits and bobs.

 Fat Face & French Connection

J Jasper Conran @ Debenhams

George, M&S & New Look

 (I was clearly running out of money towards the end!)

Saturday night I went into the party town (?) of Melksham for a few pear ciders and a curry with my Melksham mummy friends (well two of them have gone posh on me and moved to Winsley and Cirencester but they courageously came back for my birthday). I forgot my camera so no piccies but we went to the scrummy Refa Tandoori - if you are ever in Melksham and in need of a curry that's the place to go, and it's bring your own too - always a bonus! (Girl's night out that's no. 55 crossed off my Day Zero Project list)

So Sunday was the official day of turning 35.

"E" crept into our bed at 6.30 but instead of asking for the television to go on she whispered, yes whispered, to her daddy, "Can I go in my room and draw some pictures?" Fantastic! Some extra peace in bed - for 20 minutes - until "A" came stamping through. Then it was, "Can we give mummy her cards and presents now?"

I had asked for a sewing machine so no big surprise when I opened my big pressie to find.....

.....a sewing machine! (No. 9 crossed off on my Day Zero Project list!)
The colour was a surprise though, shocking hot pink as they had sold out of the calm pale turquoise that would have matched my dining room better!

I also got a selection of fat quarters, a yummy baking book and a diary from "E" and "A" to keep track of my their hectic social life.

I think the husband was trying to fatten me up even more as I had the most delicious cooked breakfast:

I was taken out for lunch at The Tramshed, in Bath - again! - (Haddock, Frites and mushy minted peas - basically fish and chips with some weird green concoction that was supposedly peas but tarted up to sound better on the menu!).

Then for dinner he cooked Roast Beef with all the trimmings!

I am so glad he didn't make me a cake now as I would have exploded.

So Monday today and back to normality. No more weekends that are 100% mine for a while. Is it time for a midlife crisis yet? Well after all the food I am too stuffed to fit into a sports car and zoom off into the sunset so I think I'll stay here for now and maybe consider the crisis when I hit the big four-o!


  1. 35! You're still young!!

    Had a lovely time out at Refa celebrating your birthday. Am totally jealous that your husband cooked you 2 meals and managed to buy you a fab pink sewing machine by himself (OK so you hinted but still top marks! One year I got an epilady for my birthday so now I tend to buy my own!!)

    I've decided that 40 is the new 20, so that makes you...underage!

    Enjoy being 35!


  2. Sounds like you had a fab weekend and your Day Zero list has taken a pounding as well. Good work! What are you planning on knocking up with you sewing machine and those lovely fabrics? I started a quilt years ago and keep thinking I should finish it before I go back to work.

  3. Happy birthday, and welcome to the 35s! I think in this day of an ageing population, we can stave off a mid-life crisis until at least 40, or until menopause slaps us in the face!

  4. Happy birthday! I've been 35 for almost 5 months and it's great :D

  5. Happy Birthday!! Looks like an amazing day with some brilliant presses. Breakfast and dinner look delicious! 35 is still ultra young... I think 40 should be classed as midlife now.

  6. Wow, if turning 35 gets you a birthday like that then I can't wait! I am jealous! Shopping in Bath, a night out, a pink sewing machine and a roast dinner in a very different kind of place to where I had mine! Sounds amazing and you don't look 35 at all :) x

  7. Aww Happy Birthday lovely. Look forward to seeing what you create. Oh and by the way ... No, you're not allowed to have a midlife crisis. You have to be at least as old as me!

  8. A belated Happy Birthday, looks like you had a fabulous day! Emma :) PS. 35 is not old enough for a midlife crisis!

  9. belated happy birthday, I think I would love to be 35 again, in my head I am still that age, although my body is several decades older!
    I am a bit cross with you though for saying you spent your husbands money! in a proper partnership where only one spouse is working all income is joint money, not his - after all, even though you dont earn, you work just as hard to keep the family together, fed and clothed etc.

  10. I'm jealous of the fact that you are ONLY 35 ( *cough* from the now 41 yr old over here!) I'm jealous of your great buys as well looks like a real spending spree........and don't get me started on the food as I'm currently under 'portion control' at the moment!! LOL


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