18 September 2011

Feeling Grateful - Save The Children #healthworkerscampaign


Today I was tagged by mum2babyinsomniac and her latest post made me stop, think and appreciate our NHS. A number of bloggers recently attended the Save the Children blogging event and from that @HelloItsGemma and Mummy From The Heart have set a challenge to us bloggers to have 100 posts of 100 words, linked to Mummy From The Heart by Tuesday, about a great health professional we have encountered in our lives.

Here's my contribution:

My first baby was breech so a caesarean was needed. My second child was a VBAC. I needed gas and air, pethedine, an epidural and finally the aid of ventouse to see me through my "failure to progress" labour. The support of my fanatastic midwife, Chrissie Hamade, enabled me to get through it without the need for a second caesarean. If I was in Africa I hate to think what may have happened to my breech baby girl and whether my baby boy would ever have got out alive. I give my thanks and appreciation to the NHS and staff.

Now, spare 30 seconds of your time to sign the petition
Read more about Save The Children's campaign for their Call for more health workers

I now ask


to join in x x


  1. I think it is so easy to undervalue the heathworkers we have the UK. I have already signed this petition and think STC and Chris are doing a fab job

  2. SO scary to think of mthers left to cope on there own during complicated births, we are so lucky xx

  3. Have signed the petition and put this on my to-do list. Thanks for the tag :) x

  4. It is so scary to think that your experiences that we see as not that uncommon would be life or death situations for others.

  5. perfect post, breech babies while a worry are something pre-natal care takes in it's stride, deals with every day. Yet, in other parts of the world, it's so much more serious.
    thanks for taking time to share

  6. A powerful and well written post which says it all, thank you! x

  7. says it all. i had the ventouse with Burton xx


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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