25 September 2011

Listography - Top 5 celebrities I'd like to go for a beer with

The lovely Katetakes5 has set us her latest Listography Top 5 list: Who would we like to go for a beer cider with? I thought very carefully about this so I could get a broad selection of conversation points, so I opted for the following:

Brandon Flowers

Bit of an obvious one for me really. But I would love to share a few pints with this beautiful man (if he still drinks?) and we would discuss music, his handsomeness, Las Vegas and what being a Mormon is all about!

Ronnie Vannucci

Another obvious one for me really. I imagine he knows how to sink a few and we would discuss music, his handsomeness, Las Vegas and maybe he would take me home to show me his drum kit?!

Nigella Lawson

Well as my children already think we are the same person (see here) then I think it would be good spending some time down the pub with the real Nigella. Maybe she could give me some tips on how to be true domestic goddess and do the whole lick lipping seduction routine!

Jack Dee

Purely for a drinking session of pure grumpiness and sarcasm.

George Osborne

A rather strange choice I know but I would so love some drinking time with this man just to ask him a few questions about the judgements him and his party have made about the likes of me - and if I got even more pissed off with him then I would happily throw my pint of cider over him!

So, there you have it, my top 5.

Who would you choose?




  1. Very cool list Mrs! Inspired to do one meself x

  2. Nice list! Never thought of Nigella, can I have a sixth choice on mine please?! :-)

  3. Excellent list! Would happily fund the pint of cider :o)

  4. Good list. I'd come along simply to have a row with Osborne. But then as its your party maybe I should play nice.

  5. That would be quite a party!

  6. Your last one made me laugh and hope you get to throw that cider soon.

  7. ooh brandon flowers, great choice! and jack dee! see, i read everyones list after ive done mine just so i dont nick their ideas, which i would have done with you, lol! xx

  8. I love Brandon Flowers...his handsomeness is definitely worth discussing over a cider!

  9. I'd love to see what Jack Dee would say to Osbourne! Great list.

  10. Oh wow! We have two the same - best of luck with George Osbourne though!

  11. Fab list, Ronnie Vannuci! Love The Killers :)

  12. Love the list, Nigella would be fantastic company especially if she decided to make a nice meal too! I would throw my cider over George O too. The guy just annoys me!

  13. Thanks all, so glad you agree with my choices and would be happy to throw some alcohol around!x x


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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