22 September 2011

"Look, it's Mummy!"

The awesome SAHDandproud has very kindly tagged me to take part in his meme. Now, the SAHDandproud's son has spotted some people, cartoon characters & images that he has pointed to and said "Look, it's Daddy!" I have thought about it long and hard to recall who my children have pointed at and said, "Look, it's Mummy!" This took a while. And then I remembered....

"Look, it's Mummy" (Nope, it is the lovely Nigella)
Why the confusion? Because I am the ultimate Domestic Goddess and am clearly a beautiful brunette with a gorgeous cleavage (that last point is a lie).

"Look, it's Mummy!" Err no, it's Wonder Woman
Clearly confused but I see their thinking; brunette, can kick arse, fit body, leggy (this time the last two points clearly do not relate to me)

"Look, it's Mummy!" Ummm, close, but no it's Elle MacPherson
I can so see how they could get this one muddled - I am clearly an uber super yummy model mummy on the school run!

"Look, it's Mummy doing her Zumba!"
Brunette - check, Toned - check, Gorgeous - check. (??!!)

"Look, it's Mummy" Ahem - no it's Megan Fox playing Mother Teresa (How? Why?!!)
I am clearly a saint after all.

So there you go, my children think I am absolutely stunning and fantastic at everything I do!!!

(Please note that all of the above is a big fat lie as I could not actually think of anyone that my children have pointed to and said "Look, it's Mummy!" but I still I wanted to take part so I cheated!!!! Gasp!)

I tag:


  1. I'm sure none of these lovely ladies are a patch on you! Thanks for tagging me. I shall see what I can rustle up.

  2. Hmmm... we have a cookbook by Fay Ripley that the children think I have written (I suppose I do look like her if you squint your eyes), and they think their father is on a poster for a local estate agents, but apart from that, there is no mistaking us for anyone else at the moment! Emma :)

  3. Wow your kids are good. I wouldn't dare do a post like this. Who'd want to be likened to the witch in Room on a broom?

  4. You can't be Nigella. Her cooking is shite. Love the Wonder Woman pic!


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