26 October 2011

American Candy - The memories!!

American Candy - I Heart It!

You know when you're having one of those days when nothing is going quite right? When you sit and look back at the past and dwell, 'Where has my life gone?!'
So you decide to go into the loft and drag out a box of memories:

And the postman cheers you up with a package:

You don't have days like those??!! Just me then, so let me explain.....

In August 1995 I was a happy, stress-free 18 year old setting off for a year living in the suburbs of Boston, MA in the great U S of A.

I lived with a wonderful family and looked after a gorgeous 10 month old and a rather bonkers West Highland White Terrier! It was one of the best years of my life and as well as working hard I was able to have some fun too.

I did the touristy things.

I tried to be American and pretended I understood their crazy sports!

And I fell in love!

With these....


Cinnamon candy = amaaaaaaaaazing!

But my love affair had to end when I boarded the plane at Boston's Logan airport. Back home I pined for the hot, zingy, cinnamon taste and it broke my heart when I could not find them anywhere. So I just had to forget about them and move on. Return to English sweets zzzzzzzz.
That is, until now. Through the power of Twitter I have discovered....

The lovely Linsey took pity on my cravings for hot cinnamon American Candy and sent me a fantastic surprise - remember the postman's package??

Inside was a collection of Cinnamon Delights

Necco's Cinnamon Hearts

Jelly Belly's Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Beans

Red Vine Liquorice

Oh. My. Word.
I was in cinnamon heaven!
I am now slowly working my way through the box, my mouth is all warm and tingly and my day feels much better. Perfect timing!
If you have never tried cinnamon candy then give it a go. It is perfect autumnal candy to make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

The Candy Can Company offer a great home delivery service on a wide selection of American candy. So if cinnamon isn't your thing then check out their other ranges here:

Disclosure: The Candy Can Company sent me the above package at no cost to myself.


  1. Mmmm yummy! I love american candy especially the red vine liquorice! Enjoy your goodies!! xx

  2. Sorry - sorry - ugh - I hate cinnamon!! But I'm so glad you love it, and got some in the post. And I'm so glad you posted that picture of you from the past... huzzah! XX

  3. I loved reading about your memories and am SOOO glad you were with us for that year. Can you believe that 10 month old is almost 17???? And that crazy West Highland White Terrier lived to a ripe old age. We now have a new crazy West Highland White Terrier named Otis, who is a dear and a love, though not a replacement. Love to all.

  4. oh gosh i thought i commented on this yesterday!

    What awesome memories, I lurrrve cinnamon, (sorry MV) and how cool that your nanny family commented here too :)

    love love love xx

  5. Viv...glad you are enjoying the candy...there is more where that came from, lol.x Sugar pushing is my life, lol.x

  6. I am so glad you found your sweetie heaven again and love the photos. But excuse me if I *boak* pass on cinnamon *boak* x

  7. Oh yumm they sound and look gorgeous!! Iove cinnamon flavoured sweets but do far have ou ever found tic tacs and dentyne!


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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