17 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 Keyword Searches on my Blog!

This week Kate's Listography has asked us to research our traffic source stats to find out what weird and wonderful keyword searches direct people to our blogs. Well, my blog is laidback, family friendly and fun. It is about parenting, children and cake. So, I was expecting keyword searches along the lines of Great mothering / Scrumdiddlyumptious cake / Surviving at being a SAHM but oh no, I found all sorts of strange ones.

Here goes then:

1. The Last Day
The last day of what exactly? The world? My blog? Being sane? I have no idea how a search engine linked this to my blog at all!

2. The macaroni then the mince
What? I don't think I have ever mentioned macaroni. I submitted a mince recipe to the Reluctant Housedad's Recipe Shed so maybe that's what it landed on.

And then it gets a bit kinky...
3. Birthday Spanking
I blogged about turning 35 on my birthday this year and how I felt I had hit midlife. Maybe, somewhere, somehow, someone in the land of the interweb thinks that I, sweet and innocent Melksham Mum, should be turning to a bit of spanking to get me through any midlife crisis I maybe having??!!??

And it continues...
4. Freckles Sex
Eh? What? Mmmmm? Moving on....

5. Kids Garden
Awwww, that's nicer. That's a little bit more about what my wholesome family blog is about. Lots of pretty pictures of my garden for the children. Phew, my faith in blogworld has been restored.

I was also quite proud to get the following landing on my blog:
Brandon Flowers boots
Ben Affleck without shirt
Russell Brand beard

So, have any strange searches come to land on your blog?
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  1. Yeah, everyone knows freckles sex is the key to a happy marriage. Can't believe you've been doing it wrong all these years!

  2. haha what a strange list... nice that kids garden is bringing people tho hope them people hung around abit :)

  3. Ace. This has been such a funny listography. I can't believe the things people search for!

  4. Ha ha you saucy minx!! I didn't realise ts is what the SEO thing was all about and I missed that part of the talk at blogcamp! I have raised that I haven't always tagged my posts at all!! And what the feck is freckles sex?? Kinky me thinks x

  5. Yes this is a strange list isn't it? Makes me slightly disappointed that mine is so boring ;-)

  6. I like to make a complaint that my searches are defnitely boring and most of them are relevant. Hurrumph. I want weird ones!

  7. I'll be 35 next year. Do I have to be spanked?? Actually, don't answer that.

  8. Hilarious! Thank you, this post made my afternoon :) Freckles-sex will keep me giggling all day!

  9. I lead a sheltered life. I have no idea what freckles sex is.

  10. Didn't Reluctant Housedad have Birthday Spanking too? Just sayin'..

  11. Very random arent they, I had never looked at mine before - think I'll be checking regularly now!!

  12. What a brilliant list! Made me chuckle :) xx


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