24 October 2011

Music Therapy

Hoorah! I have been tagged by the gorgeous MotherVenting and SAHDandproud to take part in the latest meme doing the rounds - Music Therapy. Well, I love music, and although never having been in therapy myself I do find music therapeutic.

The meme Music Therapy asks us to think of three, yes only three, songs that we can listen to over and over and over again, that move us, that bring back shudder inducing memories - I added that last one because I thought it sounds good and that's what music is all about right?

I found this bloomin' hard work as there are so many tracks I love for so many different reasons but I had to think about my children. Yes, they can drive me to tears without the need for musical accompaniment, but there are tracks that when I listen to them it takes me back to specific times.

Ok, firstly, please don't laugh - I really don't know if I should include this as it is going to blow any musical credibility I may have had way out of the water, oh sod it, here goes - Track 1, oh, I also want to say, I am not a huge fan of this group but this particular track was on my iPod when in hospital having my boy. I cannot listen to it now without thinking about him and I do believe that together me and him can Rule The World!!!! So this one's for Alban:

Take That - Rule The World

My second track gives me therapy in that it takes me back to my last summer before children...............

....and I'm back in the real world again! I just love this song as it always reminds of the summer of 2005 - my last summer of freeeeeeeeedom!

Coldplay - Fix You

Finally, you just know who I'm going to have to include don't you?

This last track reminds me of Edith watching the DVD and jumping around like a true fan in our front room. Me and the kiddies always had it on in the car driving down to summers in Cornwall to stay with the Grandparents - who have now moved to France so the associated memories are kind of sad.

So, it is; my favourite band, my favourite singer, my favourite drummer, my favourite song - particularly this version as Brandon is clearly talking about ME at 3:10

Any of you people ever loved somebody?
Sometimes it comes very quickly, very easily.
As easy as the way a beautiful English girl’s hair falls across her shoulder.
And sometimes it disappears just as quick.
You wake up one morning,
the butterflies stop fluttering,
but you want it back and you want to fight for it.
You wanna breathe that fire again.
So you call for it, you call out.
Ah, shudder!
Anyway, enjoy......

The Killers - For Reasons Unknown

I now tag the following to share their Music Therapy:



  1. Fix you is one of my all time favourites! Goosebumps everytime!x

  2. Glad I popped by, what a nice way to start the day! And I agree, Fix You is sublime x

  3. I love Fix You! (though it's not cool to like Coldplay, right?) And I do also love (whisper) the Take That song. The film was ace. Good choices, missus! Huzzah! XX

  4. I love Fix You. I have seen Coldplay live quite a few times as they always used to be at Glasto festi and a little party afterwards on the site called Pilton Party, that was especially amazing as it was just in a little marquee. Good choices! x

  5. Rule the World does the same for me. It was the last song played at our wedding and then a year later they used it in the school nativity (don't ask!) and it made me cry!

    I'll do this later, thanks for the tagging.

  6. er.....no....I think you'll find he's talking about me! English is my surname and everything, don't ya know.

    I never claim to have any musi cred so I can unashamedly like Stardust -

    Great choices. Love it!


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