3 October 2011

My biggest pet peeve is...

I am joining in with BritMums Blog Prompt of the Week and have selected their personal prompt of:

My biggest pet peeve is.....

I may offend some of you writing this but my biggest pet peeve is other people's smoke - in my house and garden.

I know everyone has a basic human right to decide what they do to their own bodies, in their own houses and their own gardens but I get really annoyed when I have to share other people's stinking cigarette smoke as it wafts up my nostrils whilst I am sitting in my own garden or worse still in my house!

These are not my friends smoking in my house, no these are my thoughtful neighbours. My neighbours who send their family members out into the garden to smoke so their own houses do not reek. That secondhand smoke then drifts ever so annoyingly over the fence and infiltrates the fresh air that my children are breathing in as they play. It wafts through my conservatory and into my kitchen where I prepare food. It comes up through my bedroom window first thing in the morning as I am getting up. It is obviously more noticeable at the moment with the hot weather but I feel I have a basic human right to open my window to get some of the early morning cool air into the house. What I don't want is to breathe in cigarette smoke.

Just walk down to the end of the garden please.

Rant over.


  1. Oh I hate that too! yuck! My neighbours often sit out in the back garden with all their friends (they have a party every weekend...) and the smoke wafts up to our room! Totally with you on that one!

  2. Hmm, yes, totally understand. Our next door neighbours before the ones we have now were smokers, at all hours of the night too, so we'd often get woken up by it wafting up at 2am or something.

  3. I hate that too. Even worse is my neighbours two doors down smoke cannabis in their garden all day and the smell of that drifts into my house. I just can't believe people used to be able to smoke in pubs and restaurants - my clothes must have stunk all the time. Yuk x

  4. Oh, I hate other people's smoke too! I personally think it's so much better since the smoking ban came in, as we don't have to sit around breathing in other people's smoke.
    Smoke is another fine peeve, had a great time ranting away on my own pet peeve post earlier today. :-)

  5. And your taxes have to help pay the increased medical costs of smokers who also put more strain on the NHS.... I hate it too.

  6. Yep. Can see how that is way up the totem pole for pet peeves.

  7. I also have this problem! The people from the flat below us smoke out of their front windows (never mind that it's a no-smoking building), meaning that the delightful stench of their smoke wafts up to our living room. I tend to go a little mad with the Febreze whenever it happens.

  8. I hate second hand smoke...and I used to smoke. If we have anyone over who smokes, they are made to go out our back gate. Unfortunately, our neighbours smoke in their garden and it stinks as it wafts in to the house :(


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