20 October 2011

My Five Favourite Blogs!

This week one of the prompts on the Brit Mums Blog is to think about our 5 favourite blogs and explain why. This is soooooo difficult as there are so many fantastic blogs out there. But I have narrowed my list down to 5 and these cover all different areas that I like to read about.

So in no particular order here are my favourite 5 blogs:

Yellow Days
This is one of the first mummy blogs I came across when I first stumbled into this weird and wonderful world. I think it was the cupcakes at the top that first caught my eye! Cat has a great variety of posts including family, baking and debate! Go have a look!

Happy Homebird
I absolutely love sitting down with a cup of tea in front of the laptop and looking at the gorgeous pictures on this blog. Happy Homebird shows her house, garden and allotment and I have a secret desire to be as good a gardener as her one day!

Spoons 'n' Spades
Oh my, what a drool fest on this blog! Another blog with fantastic pictures and some amazing baking to try. If you need some inspiration for some great food - and also gardening - then head over and check it out. Yum!

Such a beautiful blog! I love looking at meanyjar's gorgeous creations and so want to sew like her! Again, another blog to enjoy with a cup of tea to gain some inspiration. One day I hope to post something that I have managed to create - and if it's half as beautiful as the things on this blog then I will be happy!

I couldn't have a top 5 without including the funniest daddy blogger I 'know'! SAHDandproud has lots of great posts to make you smile and if you ever need career advice cheering up then he's your man!

I really wish this was a top 20 list as there are so many blogs I want to include here but I am sticking to the rules. If you want to see what else floats my boat just have a look at my three, yes three, blog rolls that show my favourite Family Blogs, Yummy Foodie Blogs & Beautiful Blogs!

I hope you enjoy the blogs above as much as I do x x


  1. Thank you! There's a couple here I haven't seen before as well so that's my evening sorted. I use the cupcakes to lure people in you know. ;)

  2. A lovely collection - I have found Cat through Saturday caption day and already know stay at home dad and proud and Happy Homebird , both of which are great but I shall check out the others! Thanks. x

  3. Thank you. Such a lovely comment, and some more blogs for me to have a looky lookster at! Great!

  4. Just sitting down to my Friday morning blog catchup with all my faves and here I see my name - aww thank you. That's what I love about blogging, meeting nice people along the way. I didn't know a couple of these so that's more to my list :) xx


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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