20 October 2011

When did Ant McPartlin become E's daddy??!!

E has recently revealed that she has been learning to sketch at school.
The other day she sketched a picture of her daddy.
I never realised that Ant - he of 'Ant & Dec' fame - was her daddy.


Legal Disclaimer: I have never met Ant McPartlin and in no way am I suggesting he fathered a child with me. Thank you x x


  1. That is very funny, bless her! My six year old is obsessed with rugby and told his head teacher that Manonu the NZ rugby player was in fact his dad and he was moving to New Zealand!

  2. Never mind Miss E's talented sketching, her mummy may have some subconscious issues to address ;) Btw, I love your new header photos.

  3. LMAO that is HILARIOUS! Drawing skillz ;) X

  4. Brilliant - that is soooooo funny! Uncanny resemblance.


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