23 November 2011

The Gallery - Something I Am Proud Of

The Gallery is lifting the spirits this week and asking us to think about those things we are proud of.
My contribution is probably similar to many this week as the thing I am most proud of is, my children.
But I am paying particular attention to my daughter, my first born, my special girl.
I adore her.
She is stubborn.
She is so beautiful.
She is painfully shy.
She is definitely my daughter.
I am so proud of her progress.
Every day she grows in confidence.
She will be just fine.
My Edith.
x x x



  1. Awww thats so beautiful - your words are quite touching. I especially love the photo of her kissing her little brother :)

  2. Ahhh gorgeous. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous words xx

  3. Awww, what a gorgeous girly. And what you have said about her is beautiful too. I'm sure she'd be proud to hear what you've said about her. xx

  4. No matter what first Norns always have a very special place. Your daughter is very pretty. I love these photos - again especially the one kissing her brother.

  5. Borns not Norns stupid autocorrect

  6. And I bet she is very proud of her Mummy too! Lovely post and some fabulous photos. The second from last one showing her cheeky smile is my favourite ;-)

  7. aww what a lovely post and a beuatiful little girl you have :) X

  8. Beautiful. She is adorable. My oldest is so shy too but they will get there. x

  9. She is sooooooo pretty. Just like you. What a lovely post :) xx x x x xx x x xx

  10. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! x

  11. It's so funny that I always thought of Edith as such an old fashioned name but when it suddenly pops up on a fresh little face you hear it differently. Edith really is a beautiful name. I winder if you'll start a trend.

  12. We lost my Gran this year... her name was Edith and she's in my post for being proud. A wonderful name for a wonderful person. I used to live near Melksham - before we moved to Wales. What a very small world indeed, which this blogging community just brings closer.

  13. Aww she is adorable. She looks a very loving sister too!

  14. Gorgeous photos of a very pretty little girl. Lovely words too.

  15. just lovely. all of it. pics & words. xx

  16. Gorgeous photos. And the words too.

  17. What a wonderful tribute to your first born.
    I love the picture of her kissing her little brother - I'm guessing she is a proud big sister.

  18. I'm not surprised you're proud, she's smashing! x


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