2 November 2011

The Gallery - T is for....

This week Tara has asked us to think about the letter 'T'.

Well for the past few days I have had to sort out our house in preparation for the dreaded Estate Agents to come around and tell us how little it is worth. One good thing that has come out of it so far is..... my house is TIDY - quick get the camera and snap the evidence!

So, my Gallery entry this week is...
 T is for...TIDY!!!

Tidy lounge

Tidy dining room

Tidy kitchen

Tidy conservarggggh.....No!!!!!

Tidy again - sort of!

That's The Gallery all tidied up.
I need to go and double check the house as the Estate Agents are due in 10 minutes - eek!



  1. Fancy coming round here to do a bit of tidying :-) see you later xxx

  2. Haha! Amazing, I don't know if my house has or ever will be that tidy! How long did it last?!

  3. Good luck with the valuation. Exciting and scary at the same time. If ever you fancy more cleaning you are very welcome here!

  4. Ours never lasts! The estate agent always looks disappointed when he shows up here. We have the same spotty rug - love it!

  5. Excellent! Now you've had all that practice perghaps you'd like to pop over here & do mine! Good to meet you via the Gallery!

  6. Your house looks gorgeous. I'd buy it, if I lived in the UK.
    Love Tara's challenges. Mr. H suggested tits - buggar!
    Goodluck with the agents. xx

  7. Will you be needing Phil & Kirstie then? ;)
    Your house looks great, bet it would be snapped up.x

  8. Good luck with the estate agents :-)

  9. I like your open-through kitchen/dining room arrangement. I'd buy your house.

  10. The only way mine would ever stay tidy for more than 5 seconds would be in a photograph!

    Lovely house too!

  11. Wow, that is amazing! Feel free to come and do my any time! How long does that last? x

  12. Love it! Wow! Well done you. Jealous! x

  13. That is MEGA tidy. It looks gorgeous! I hope they were as impressed as me, good luck :) XX

  14. So jealous. Perhaps I should pretend to my family I've put the house on the market!

  15. aaaah, what a lovely house - you can visit me anytime :) Good Luck! Where you moving to?? xx

  16. Your name drew me in as I saw your comment on another blog. I know Melksham very well, used to live in Trowbridge. What a wonderful and very tidy house.. I can only dream.


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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