6 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Famous Folk I Used To Fancy

Ha ha ha Kate has asked us to dive into the depths of our murky past and reveal those strange teenage / younger years crushes we all had on famous folk. Oh my, this is going to be embarrassing. So here you are and please don't laugh at my Top 5 Famous Folk I Used To Fancy!


Matt Goss

Yeah, I liked Bros, so what. Their posters covered my bedroom walls and I even tried to put Grolsch bottle tops on my shoes!


Jason Donovan

Oh, the mullet, the blonde hair, the accent, my love of Neighbours! Jason was also very prominent on my bedroom walls. I saw him *ahem* 'live' at Ritzys in Norwich on the Stock, Aitken & Waterman tour!


Tom Cruise

I had a huuuuge crush on Mr Cruise, especially in his Top Gun days, but I can clearly say I do not find him attractive at all now.


Lee Sharpe

I loved football as a teenager, hated Manchester United by the way, and fancied quite a few of the players most notably Lee Sharpe.


Harrison Ford

Mmmmm 1980s Harrison Ford, what a man! In fact, out of everyone on this list he would still be on a list of men I fancied now, particularly in his Bladerunner / Witness days.

So, what famous folk did you use to fancy? Link up now to Kate's Listography:




  1. Oh Jason Donovan. Oh the mullet. Oh my Heart. xx

  2. Great list. Agree that Tom has lost his appeal. Also agree that Harrison was good in his day.

  3. All of these, apart from Bros, were on my bedroom wall! Think I will do the listography this week, it looks like fun.

  4. Great - Harrison Ford's on my list too. Also Starsky and Hutch, Michael Landon from Little house on the Prairie and my first love (when I was about 4yo) Rolf Harris.

  5. Ah, good old Bros! They've made my list too!

  6. Hahaha...Matt Goss, I remember when everyone wore Grolsch bottle tops on their shoes! Brilliant list, made me chuckle x

  7. Harrison Ford is a great choice...gorgeous both then and now!

  8. I'm with you on Tom Cruise - he's on my list too with pretty much the same comment. Although I do still find him hot in his old movies that I've always loved. I just try to block his real-life craziness from my mind.

  9. Oh MATT GOSS, swoon x

  10. Nooooooooo! (Except Harrison of course :))

  11. Great list, Harrison my favourite amongst the list though ;)

  12. Oh yes, I have to agree with Harrison Ford. And being a carpenter by trade he must be so good with his hands!

  13. Some I had forgotten, Harrison Ford and Matt Goss (or was it his brother?)

  14. Can't believe I forgot Harrison Ford from my list (which appears to have been growing by the minute)

  15. You must be young like me, or like young men lol, as I recognise them all.

  16. Great list! Lee Sharpe ... oh my days, I'd forgotten bout him! Thanks for the reminder ... *googles Love Island*

  17. Your list is almost but not quite as embarrassing as mine

  18. Lee harpe lost out to Ryan Giggs, what the hell was I thinking??? I never was into Bros like my friendsas I got ninto more rock.I never liked Tom Cruise even in Top Gun it was Val Kilmer who won me.Omg I should of done Val!! *head desk*


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