14 November 2011

Mix-Tape Monday #2

Oooh, this has come around quickly and this week Boo and Me wants to hear about our musical Guilty Pleasures. I guess what we may find 'guilty' ourselves will vary from person to person so I think this meme will throw up an interesting mix this week. I like to think I have pretty good taste in music but there are occasions where I like to listen to some music in private, so as not to be judged! My Guilty Pleasure has certain rules; it needs to be something that allows me to let my hair down, pretend to be in my twenties and semi-fit again, jump around like a loon, sing along about broken hearts and revenge and release the inner rock chick that sadly never had the opportunity to emerge!

So I give you....

Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone

Click here to join in and find some other Guilty Pleasures


  1. Omg! And you sniggered at my choice? Hah! I did quite like this song when it first came out, though ;)

  2. Love a bit of KC when she comes on the car radio. Pure pop indulgence!

  3. I'm with bluebirdsunshine, love a good sing along in the car to this!

  4. Oh cool,this is a real hairbrush for a mic song!!!

  5. Grab your hairbrush missus and vlog it !

  6. I can totally rock out to some Kelly Clarkson! I agree with Mammasaurus grab your hairbrush and vlog it! ;0)

  7. Oh yes! I've belted this one out a few times! Love the angst!

  8. I agree a real hairbrush song


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