9 November 2011

The Most Ridiculously Over-Edited Photo Competition

I came across this unofficial meme today courtesy of Five Go Blogging who has apparently been having a chat on Twitter about the powers of Picnik - a fantastic (and free - to a point) photo editing tool. A number of bloggers, Mammasaurus, Motherventing & bluebirdsunshine to name but three, have gone a bit photo crazy today and I thought I would kill an hour fiddling on the laptop and gatecrash their fun. So make way ladies!

Here is what I have productively been achieving on the laptop tonight:

I turned A and his Gruffalo from this:

Into this!

Now go and have a play with Picnik and visit Five Go Blogging and tell her all about it!


  1. Genius, very regal! Like Will and Kates future child.

  2. Mahahaahhahahahhaa that is AWESOME! I very much like your edited photo. A big improvement ;)

  3. That is excellent! I particularly like the tache! Must try the zoomy effect too x Thanks for joining in xx

  4. Wow that's ace. Got to have a play with picnic or however you spell it.

  5. Brilliant! Love your editing. I've been sat with a cuppa just staring at the zoominess for a minute tripping out. Love it. Picnik is the most fun I've had in ages (sad, me, I know).


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