14 November 2011

Run Fat Girl, Run!

Things need to change. I have just, rather stupidly giving my bad mood lately, stood on the scales in the bathroom. I intended to do this crazy act in order to motivate myself a bit more to sort it out. I am ashamed to say they read 11 and a half stone, I am ashamed to admit that this time last year they read 10 and a half stone. I am very angry with myself for letting that stone reappear and with it the re-emergence of the baby belly. Hah! My youngest is 3 and a half - I cannot be calling it a baby belly anymore. More like lazy belly.

This time last year I was doing Zumba twice a week, playing netball every Friday evening and running in between. I looked better, clothes fitted nicely and most importantly I felt bloody great. So what's gone wrong? Why do I suddenly stop doing all that when I know exactly what is going to happen? This is what happens:

I wasn't brave enough to photograph myself sans clothes and I didn't want to lose any readers either. But you get my point. Muffin top, love handles, cake shelf, overhang call it what you like it looks gross.

So I am on a mission. I am going to sort myself out and thought that if I stick myself on here for all to see then maybe, just maybe, I'll persevere at it. It may not be the best time of year to start running again but I quite like the anonymity of the dark when no one can see my bright red face or hear my huffing and puffing as I pound the pavements. So tonight I am having an early tea with the children and once that has gone down I'm getting out the old running trainers and gear, putting on the iPod - recently downloaded with Groove Armada to keep me going - and getting out of here and going for a run.

Hopefully once I am through that first barrier I will remember how good it feels to just be out in the fresh air running. I know it's going to be tough as my fitness levels have dropped but I need my fit, healthy and happy self back.

Watch this space for improvements and a fresher, happier Melksham Mum! x x


  1. Good for you! It is so hard to motivate yourself when you've got children! I teach mist evenings and by the time I sit down at 9, the last thing I want to do is exercise!! Keep us all informed how your doing as it might get me off my large backside!

  2. I know that feeling very well. Mine is due to long term illness which has stopped me working and taking any exercise!! I am only 5ft2 as well so being vertically challenged doesn't help!!However, unlike most I tend to loose a few pounds in the winter as my body desperately tries to retain heat.....here's hoping that happens soon :)
    Good luck on your fitness adventure!

  3. still carrying 2 stone from my pre pregnancy weight and now preggers with the next...christ, I'm going to be mahoosive. Still, it's christmas and I'm up the duff, so going to chow down for now.
    then you and Grooove Armada will be my inspiration. good for you and good luck xxx

  4. Ah now you have WAY more willpower than me! I need to get out and run but am far too lazy and fond of my sofa. Well done you. I do not even have the balls to stand on my scales (I would cry).

    You CAN do it, you WILL do it, I think you're beautiful anyway but GO FOR IT! X X X

  5. You are a foxy lady but fair play for going for it! I start back at work on 20th Dec and I've got at least 10lb to lose if I want to fit back into my suits. Not looking hopeful! (And then of course there's the 2 stone I need to lose after that)

  6. oh Viv, I went to Slimming World yesterday... I was more than 11.5 stone. I'm Mortified.. I was 10 stone this time last year. GUTTED is not even the word :( Stuck to the plan today - its loads of food! now need to start the exercising again... :) xx

  7. Wonderfully honest post ..... are yours and my tummies related? Looks totally like mine. I am fatter now nearly two years on after the birth and HAVE to do something about it! Thank you for the inspiration - also thank you for hopping over to my blog and leaving a lovely comment about my whimsical twitterings.


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