29 November 2011

Snap Slappers - Week 3

Calling all photofiddlingaholics - you know who you are FiveGoBlogging lady - to join in this photofiddling meme!

Take a photo - post it. Fiddle with it - post it. Simples really.

My name is Melksham Mum and I am addicted to picnik.com. You can do some amazing stuff on it, or you can do something like this:



Gorgeous isn't he??!!

Go on, link up below!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers


  1. That is just toooooo cute!
    I am so going to do this to his wee-ness (new name for The Wee One) and then save it for when his first girlfriend comes round!

  2. :-) What a cutie! I love the peaceful watching he's doing... obviously the fairy accessories also help! :-)

  3. He he he, very sweet! I love those little butterfly stickers too, if I could get them on every pic I take, I would! :)

  4. Hey - I have the same theme this week!!

  5. LMAO you use Picnik for evil! And I LOVE it! ;) XX XX XX


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