11 November 2011

This is where I do it!

By it I mean blog - not the other it, for goodness sake! Anyhows, the lovely Cat over at Yellow Days has tagged me in a meme set up by Bibsey that asks where we all do it. Do we do it in the kitchen, the bedroom, the lounge, al fresco? Me? I do it in the corner:

The corner of the dining room is where it all happens for me. This is my *ahem* office! Spacious no?! This is where my blog juices flow whilst accompanied by a mug of Earl Grey and cake - crucial ingredients for blogging don't you know.

So where do you do it?
I'm tagging....



  1. Oooh what fun! Thanks for the tag! I had better go clean up before I take the photo for mine! X

  2. Tea, cake and blogging. It works, non?

  3. Looks like a hive of activity. I think I'd be more efficient if I blogged at a desk. Probably kidding my myself!

  4. This looks much more organised than my sofa position!

  5. I love your little flowery material backdrop by the way! x

  6. Doing it in the corner, you minx :-) Sorry missed these post, has now subscribed so I miss nothing else.


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