5 December 2011

Christmas Music - What's your favourite song?

Ah, Christmas music. It divides us all. So many genres to choose from; carols, nostalgia, pop, re-hashed classics, modern stuff.... the list goes on. Back in November it began with Wizzard and Boney M et al being piped through the speakers in the local Asda. Last night Justin Beiber was damaging my ears on X-Factor singing some tripe and completely ruining my Christmassy day - I put the tree up don't you know? Look!

I like the Christmas nostalgia of Big Crosby and Nat King Cole but cannot stand it when the likes of Mariah Carey covers some great classics and drives us insane with her incessant warbling - jeez,take a breath woman.

I'm not particularly religious but Christmas time for me is a time to go to church - somewhat hypocritically maybe - but I love a good nativity and have yet to complete Away in a Manger without choking up. My favourite Christmas song though is one I rarely hear but I think it is the best. So moving and just beautiful. You may recognise it from Home Alone when Kevin is all sad and, well, alone.

O Holy Night.

I've also found the lovely Christmassy music Somewhere in my Memory from the same film - take a listen it's really rather nice.

I tag the following ... @thelovebump @mum2babyinsomni @NotSoSlummy @Piglet33 @CatParrott

A huge thanks to SAHDandproud for tagging me.

So, what Christmas song do you love? x x x


  1. Nice choices, much more tasteful than mine will be ;)

  2. Thanks for taking part. Wonderfuel. Cheers!

  3. I also love O Holy Night and almost chose it as mine! But went for another Home Alone one instead ;) We're so classy!! Merry Xmas!! X X X X X X X

  4. I love all the music from Home Alone - it is one of my fave movies!I am going to have to think of something else now! Thanks for the tag, you have started to bring out the Christmas feeling in me!xx

  5. Oh God - now I will look really lame. I have fallen off the perch when it comes to this tag - so sorry everyone but been manic at work, please forgive! I'd only put up something really pathetic like Wham! "Last Christmas" and "Little Donkey" (never could get my boy to wear the ears!). So sorry, I will do better next time and thank you so much for tagging me! xxxxxxx


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