28 December 2011

#ISpy..........something beginning with C

I hope you have had a Happy Christmas and Santa bought you something exciting. I am now looking forward to the New Year to sort a lot of things out with me and my life but today I looked back, all in aid of Mum of One's meme #ISpy. This week we are spying things beginning with C.

My photo shows a few Cs and this week I will tell you what they are!
Well done to Motherventing though who found loads of Fs last week!

This photo was taken in Easter 2009 in Cornwall, on the coast - there's the first two Cs. My in laws used to live there and it was ideal for weekends away at short notice and longer stays in the holidays. They now live in the middle of nowhere in France in a run down partially converted barn. Not quite the same and this has impacted our ability to get away for a change of scenery - a lot.
This picture reminds me of when I was content - C number 3. I was a SAHM but I was happier with that situation. I was always on the go with the kiddies, who at the time were nearly 1 and nearly 3, so my fitness levels, my figure and ultimately my positivity about myself were in a much better state than now. 
Fourth C - the Campervan! This one was for sale and we were seriously thinking about getting one as for some reason we seemed to have a bit of spare cash back then - the economy has clearly changed since as we can only just about afford a toy one now! I am also drinking a coffee - which I barely touch now as it makes me go all woosy. So five Cs have got me thinking about the future.

So as I look ahead to a New Year I wish to be content, driving to the Cornish coast in a Campervan but probably not drinking coffee!!

Find some more #ISpy piccies here:
Mum of One


  1. My mother has a camper van just like that! Love it to bits x Great choice!

  2. You could go to Costa for your coffee (if you drank it that is)! Love Campervans, not sure I could fit all 5 of us in though :(

  3. I love this post! And, wow I would love a van like that. If only eh? ;)

  4. Lovely post. I'd love a campervan like that.

  5. I want one! And I want it to be Summer after looking at that! x

  6. HUZZAH! I'm so glad I won last week! *does little dance* Let's club together and buy a camper van. Then we can go on a blogging road trip round the country ;) x x x

  7. Camping usually scares me but this looks fun!

  8. Love the story behind the picture. Hope your wishes come true! x


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