12 December 2011

Parking Lessons

I have been playing cars with my son and decided to give him a lesson in parking. If you have the pleasure off on street parking - or should you visit someone living on a road with on street parking - you may find the following helpful.
The road is a public road, and in a lot of cases you have every right to park on it, but consideration and common sense should prevail. This is a good example of how cars parked on a road should look:

Please note the sensible spaces between front and rear bumpers.

Occasionally you will come across roads where occupants of houses park outside their own house. This results in a street looking like this:

Please note the spaces that do not allow any extra car to park.
This is fantastic when everyone sticks to these unwritten 'rules' and nobody ever has a visitor round but due to the spaces left between cars then problems will inevitably arise.

Should you return home and find your 'space' taken by somebody else and you in turn park, albeit sensibly, in another space you may wake up the next day in a rush to get to work to find that this has happened:

Beware - for if you knock on their door and query their parking be prepared for a verbal lesson of the 'rule' - "park outside your own house then". Please note that this 'rule' may only work one way and you may regularly find their visitors parked up in 'your space'. Should this happen, take deep breaths and try not to react. Remember, it is a public road and people are entitled to park outside your house.

A further issue that may occur is when two people go out in their cars leaving a huge space, a space that could easily fit three cars:

 The following will more than likely happen:

The driver of that car clearly has a fear of getting stuck in between two cars and having to manoeuvre out of a regular space. They are, however, breaking no law accept the laws of common sense and consideration. Please bear with them and remain patient at all times.

When any of the above happens to me I just hang on to the thought that one day, one day, I may live in a house with a drive - Hoorah! And to be honest the above occurrences are quite rare but still they are frustrating!

I thank my son for helping me to play parking lessons.


  1. I love this, I live on a terraced street and get very frustrated at times by lack of parking consideration! You have reminded me to be patient.

  2. Don't be fooled that a drive is the answer to all your problems! We have a drive and park both our cars on it, our neighbour has a drive yet parks his car on the road. Then when they get visitors they park outside our house. So if we get visitors they have to park miles away.
    All because our neighbour is too lazy to reverse onto his drive!!!!!!!

  3. PMSL this is fantastic and shold be put into the highway code. as of yet i do not drive but when i do i shall remember these lessons Thank you

  4. This is very well and patirntly explained. I'm a rubbish parker so I always take more than my fair share - sorry. On the other hand, I'm not usually in Melksham.

  5. Brilliant! When we moved house my top criteria was off-street parking... above anything else. This was after living 10 years with on-street inner city parking. Each year when students returned (30-50% of houses were student digs on the road) we'd have a month or so of parking hell- nowhere to park, having to leave notes on windscreens to politely ask to park efficiently, etc. I detested it! So this post brings back lots of memories.

  6. Brilliant!!! I CANNOT parallel park. just can't. I drive around for hours and hours until I can park straight in a space. Thank GOD I knew the driving instructor when I passed my test :)

  7. I'm thinking of printing your lesson on Christmas Cards and distributing them to my neighbours. They could learn a lot from you and your son :-)

  8. haha! this made me lol! as a new driver, i did find parking smething i detested, an then i moved to a tiny cul-de-sac and detested it even more! The road only has room for four cars, but with my car that makes five, however on the day i moved, a neighbour said i could park behind the other cars and just toot if i need to get out or they would if i was blocking them. Well after many bangs on the front door, (of my home!) reversing, moving and even rudeness (from them not me!) i have decded to park on the road opposite my house if possible so as not to be disturbed for moving my car! as a new driver however, i do understand how frustrating it can be so i try to be as considerate and polite as possible, but as all things in life, it gets me nowhere! rant over!
    (thanks for provoking this rant, lol, your post made me laugh!) xxx

  9. My mum lives on a terraced road and her neighbour dies me bonkers. He *has* to park directly outside his house so leaves big gaps behind and Infront but never large enough to park another car, it's so annoying!!


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