29 December 2011

Reminiscing on 2011 - A mixed bag

2011 has been a funny old year with a real mixed bag of emotions.

It was a year that has made me laugh, cry, shout and rant.

On the plus side....

My baby boy turned 3 and my gorgeous girl turned 5. These days made me very happy with the realisaton of how proud of them I am.

I had fun with friends and actually managed a night away from home and the family - twice.
I saw my husband Mr. Flowers - twice.

I began to blog and met some brilliant Tweeters / Bloggers at BlogCamp. You know who you are.

On the down side....
I threatened my husband with divorce, at Camp Bestival of all places.

I wanted the following to be my complete family unit and at times this is what I thought would be best for all of us:

I am the heaviest I have ever been - classic comfort eating?

I have admitted that I am not a perfect SAHM and have doubts over this role.

So, onto 2012. All pretty obvious stuff really.
  • Get back to work
  • Get fit
  • Get happy!! 
By the way, I did not get divorced in 2011 and I do not plan to get divorced in 2012.

So, how was your 2011 and what do you hope for in 2012?

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  1. 2011...Ups and downs, 2012...hoping for more of the first and less of the second..Happy New Year :)


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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