30 December 2012

29 December 2012


Alban rocking the trapper hat and muscle vest look.
Fashionista in the making?
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8 December 2012

To the moon and back

It's coming up to 'that' time of year. I've mulled pans of cider and have treated myself to the odd mince pie - I must watch the amount of those passing my lips this year.

I haven't started my Christmas shopping though. I have never felt so unorganised. That's what working five days a week does to you. Life goes a bit chaotic.

The children have however planned out their lists. I'm just wishfully pinning the things I like including this....

...and one of these....

That quote is one of my favourites and my heart melts a little when Alban whispers it to me at bedtime.

As the dark winter evenings cut the days shorter we have been snuggling up on the sofa and Edith and Alban are currently enjoying watching Little Nutbrown Hare in the first DVD of one of our favourite books, Guess How Much I Love You?

by Sam McBratney.

"I like it because the field mice gets lots of blossom" - Edith aged 6

"I loved it" - Alban aged 4

The DVD has eight short episodes spreading the message of love and affection, so all good stuff, and would make the perfect stocking filler for youngsters.

The DVD is available now from all major retailers.
Disclaimer: I was sent the DVD for review purposes. All opinions are mine - and my children's.



2 December 2012

Slowly but surely

It's taking time but it's getting there.

Over the last three months I have reduced my daily calorie intake and upped my exercise levels. I wouldn't say I've been on a strict diet but I have made sensible choices.

I've learnt to say no to the constant stream of cakes and biscuits in the staff room.

I've learnt about portion control because if it's on my plate I will eat it.

I've learnt not to eat when I'm bored.

I haven't denied myself the things I enjoy though.

I still have full fat mayonnaise - I'm with big Monica from Friends on that one.

I still have fish and chips - occasionally - but I watch the portion size.

I know I could cut out every 'bad' food and eat a lot less and lose more weight a lot quicker. But, I also know I would be miserable.

Anyway, slowly but surely is working for me and over the last three months.....

.....a stone of weight has gone!

To be honest I have been beating myself up a bit over the time it has taken so I thought I would look back to see what that stone actually meant.

Here are some images from a previous update post lined up with today's post workout pics...

Now onto shifting the next stone.
x x x


23 November 2012

Blogging identities

I've had this blog on the go now for 14 months and a lot has changed in that period of time. I started out as the classic SAHM blogger looking for a space to record family life, bakes, crafts and the odd vent. I didn't think much about the blog name at the time but it suited the content - except I have never blogged about the town I live in. I obviously fell under the 'mummy blogger' label and I have no issues with that - I have met some awesome bloggers through this and have established new friendships.

Now I'm back to work, the children are both at school and the husband is trying to get a business up and running. Stress levels are running high. Blogging gives me an outlet in the vast and wonderful world of the interweb but I feel my identity is shifting. I feel restricted on Melksham Mum. It doesn't give me the space to be just me. So I have a different stage for this.


Crazy?! Maybe.

I'll still be here for my family stuff, motherhood moans, Pinaddicts and other linkys but I'll also be over there. Being just me.

Please, feel free to pop in and say hi.

x x x



18 November 2012

The Killers - sparkle returned

We had some last minute panics; strikes threatening the arrival of the babysitter and illness striking down Mr. Flowers on Tuesday night. But we all made it. The mother in law arrived safely, Brandon fixed his throat and the sparkle lacking from me recently has been restored.

Thank you Messrs Flowers, Vannucci, Keuning and Stoermer. I think I may love you. Especially you Ronnie ;)

x x x

10 November 2012

Sparkle needed

The new term is underway at work but for some reason I am already shattered. I am normally refreshed and raring to go first week back but this term I think my on switch has got stuck. Maybe it's the weather and the cold? This doesn't normally bother me though. I must sleep this weekend. Recharge the old batteries and all that.

Being back at work and with the children back at school means the housework - gah - piles up and Saturday turns into chore day. Not much fun for anyone. I must get more organised in the week.

I need some sparkle to brighten up the dull days and dark nights.

We had some fireworks in the garden last weekend. That went some way to brighten up the darkness.

Edith and Alban watched from the safety of the conservatory. These being the same children who love the firework extravaganza at Camp Bestival being unsure of a few garden fireworks! Kids.

So, how can I get some sparkle in my life on these dull, dark Autumn / Winter days?
(Camp Bestival not our back garden)
x x x


3 November 2012

The lengths I have to go to for a night out with the husband

With much excitement I found four of these awaiting me on the breakfast table this morning.

To get my mitts on them was no mean feat.

Firstly I had to leave my husband with clear instructions for the tickets I wanted whilst I drove to Norfolk to see my dad for the last time.

After the continuous re-clicking and refreshing on numerous ticket sites he struck gold. Kind of. We have nose bleed seats of the highest extremes. But.....WE HAVE TICKETS!

Ah. We have tickets. What we didn't have is a babysitter. No Grandmas or Grandads up the road. No one to ask to have the children for the weekend - maybe I'm too polite and should ask people?

My mum lives in Norfolk and is unable to stay with our kiddies on her own overnight.

The in laws - as you may know - have abandoned us and now live in the Limousin area of France. My geography of France is rubbish but all you need to know is it is bloody miles away in the middle of nowhere with flights out running about once every six months. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but at this time of year the flights aren't regular.

Anyway, we asked, and Grandma France is flying over next Wednesday so we - as in me and the husband - can actually have a night out.

The lengths I have to go to for a night out with the husband.

Can you beat that for extreme babysitting?!

I'm just praying there are no major disasters between now and then.

Whatever happens I AM GOING!!

x x x


2 November 2012

Autumn Days

Autumn days for me are bright sunshine, a chill in the air and colourful leaves.

And rain and mud. Obviously.

Today we headed out to Brokerswood to dodge the showers, go for a welly walk, squelch through the mud and get some fresh Autumn air.

We didn't quite avoid the rain and picnicked in a heavy shower but that's what waterproofs are for right?!

x x x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



1 November 2012

#pinaddicts challenge no. 9 - Fabric Bookmarks

It's the beginning of the month so it's time to link up to the Pinaddicts Challenge!

The #pinaddicts challenge works as follows:

Pin to your #pinaddicts board on Pinterest.
Choose something to make for the challenge.
In your post put the original image with original links.
Post your fantastic effort at recreating.

Link up and go and check out the other #pinaddicts at the NEW SITE!
My last blog post showed my Shabby Chic Rosette Flowers ...
...and today I'm going to show you what I used them for.
Here's my inspirational pin!
I used my flowers and a tutorial from the above to create my own bookmarks.
Here's my tutorial:
First cut out fabric pieces for each bookmark you wish to make measuring 4" x 8" and back each piece with slightly smaller interfacing:
Fold the fabric right sides together...
...and sew along one short side and the unfolded long side:
Turn the right way out, fold the opening in and iron flat:
Sew round each of the four sides:
Attach the flowers with fabric glue and you're done!
x x x


Shabby Chic Rosette Flowers

We are on the home run now for the half term break and I have managed to sneak away to do a bit of crafting with minimum distraction from Edith and Alban. Quite a result on my part.

I have made fabric flowers in the past and have been wanting to make some rosette type ones for a while and I have finally had a go.

I found some old strips of fabric that I had used to make curtains and they measured about 32" long and just over an inch wide. If you want a bigger flower use a longer length and for a smaller flower use a shorter length. I ended up experimenting with two different lengths.

Firstly tie a knot in the end of your fabric strip:

Dab on some fabric glue on top of the knot:

Hold the knot in one hand and start to twist the fabric with the other. Then begin to turn the knot onto the twist. Dab glue continuously as you go:

When you get towards the end of your strip tuck the final couple of inches under the flower and glue down:

Leave the flower to dry:

Have a go with other lengths of fabric and experiment with patterns and colours:

You could sew on a button or sequins at this point but I liked mine plain!

These flowers can be used in a number of ways; attach a safety pin to make a brooch, add a hair slide, tie to a scarf....

I'm going to be using mine in my next Pinaddicts Challenge post coming to this blog soon!

I have now used these flowers here!

Happy crafting!
x x x


28 October 2012

Just me and my girl - the beach

There are no beaches in Wiltshire. Which pains me. A lot. And now that the in laws have decided in their *ahem* wisdom to move to France we no longer have Cornwall as a weekend getaway destination. So, we have to make the most of our trips to Norfolk.

It is a bit of a trek to get here and this time it has just been myself and Edith. A girls only road trip if you like. She has been a star and has been desperate to get to the beach - like mother like daughter - so today we went to get our coastal fix. We dodged the showers, flouted the rules of the beach, overdosed on sea air, had a look at the quirky coastal dwellings and picnicked in the car.

It was one of those making memories days - just me and my girl.

x x x
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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