28 January 2012

#SatCap day - again!

You know the drill by now folks.

Look at the pic and slap a caption in my comment box.

This is one from Camp Bestival 2010 - Yep, I know, I'm one cool Mama!

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25 January 2012

#ISpy.........something beginning with L

It's L this week on #ISpy and I'm extra excited as I got to pick the letter!
Why L?
Because I wanted to use the following picture again!

To me it shows something so special, something that is not always going to be demonstrated so clearly between the two of them but hopefully something that will always be there for the rest of their lives.

I'm not particularly close to any of my siblings but I hope that Edith and Alban will be different.

So here's the picture.
What L can you see?

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Mum of One


24 January 2012

Snap Slappers

It's a snap slappers of mixed emotions this week. If you haven't heard the news, Picnik are closing down in April! Arghhh - where am I going to slap my snaps now?
But, every cloud has a silver lining and all that and Picnik are letting everyone have free access to their premium features! Wahoo!
So this week I explored Picnik further and used nothing but the premium stuff. The big downside now is that I am going to love it even more before they whip it away from me - Grrrrrrr.
Anyway, here's my original snap - the kiddies ladybird hunting:

And here's what a bit of Premium Picniking gets you!

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22 January 2012

21 January 2012

BritMums Live 2012 - Meet & Greet!

I've just been catching up on some blogs and came across Stepford Wifey who is hosting a 'Meet & Greet' for BritMums Live! It's a linky to 'meet' others that are going to London in June and to find out a little more about them. What a fab idea!

So, for those who don't me, hello!!!! *waves madly and smiles*

Name: Viv

Blog: http://melkshammum.blogspot.com

Twitter ID: @MelkshamMum (You can also find me on Pinterest & Facebook!)

Height: About 5' 5"

Hair: Chin length, thick, reddish (dyed!) brown, curly/wavy/sometimes a bit frizzy, generally a bit mad.

Eyes: Blue

Likes: pasta, pear cider, The Killers, Brandon Flowers, baking, attempting to sew and generally being crafty, camping, festivals and a heap of other things!

Dislikes: prejudice, rudeness.

This is me!

The 3 year old will be left safe at home - hooray!

Come and say hi  x x

Saturday is Caption Day!!

My oh my where did that last week go?
Oh well, it's Saturday again so get your thinking hats on and give me a caption for the following pic.
We went to Lacock last Sunday and stumbled across this:

What is going on?!


19 January 2012


You may have noticed some rumblings on Twitter about #pinaddicts and you may have noticed a lovely #pinaddicts badge up there in the corner of my blog. See it? On the right hand side above my follow badges. Click on that and you'll land on the lovely Kerry aka @thelovebump.
Kerry had a great idea to get a bunch of Pinterest addicts together who range in crafting / baking / making things skills from fantastic i.e. the sewing extraordinaire @SewScrumptious and the baking beauty @NotSoSlummy to pretty damn crap i.e. Me!

Not sure what Pinterest is? Click on the logo to have a look at my stuff on there.
Click here to find my #pinaddicts board.

My #pinaddicts board is a collection of pins that I hope to try and make! Ha Ha!
On Monday February 6th Kerry will host the first  #pinaddicts challenge linky. So if you want to join in, get a #pinaddicts board set up on Pinterest, start pinning some ideas, choose a pin, make it, blog about it and link up!
And there are prizes!

Click here for extra clarification:


And here are the gorgeous lovelies involved with #pinaddicts.
Just click on their beautiful faces to find their blog!




And this is me - in case you didn't know!

Hope you come and join us!!

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18 January 2012

#ISpy.......something beginning with S

There's something that as soon as you have a newborn in your arms the certainty of it has gone - for a very, very long time.
I don't get enough of it, that is why I have physically aged about 10 years in the last 12 months but I should just get to bed earlier.
With Edith I would fret over it and become obsessed with the amount she had.
With Alban I just chilled and so did he - a lot.
In fact some days he feels the need to get some extra in whilst relaxing at the park - the lazy monkey.

I think it's quite clear what S I am spying this week:

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Mum of One

17 January 2012

Snap Slappers

Last Friday we had a lovely walk to school and you may have seen the eerie frosty pictures I managed to snap on my mobile. If you missed them have a look here!

This one was my favourite:

But a few minutes later on picnik.com and look what has happened:

Inspiration taken from the song...
5 elephants came out to play,
Upon a spider's web one day,
They had such enormous fun,
That they called for another elephant to come.

How many elephants can one spider's web take I wonder?!

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14 January 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!!

Wahoo - time to caption up some pics people.
This week we're going back to the summer for some festival fun.
Come up with a caption for this one - pretty please x


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13 January 2012

A rather nice Friday the 13th

What a gorgeous day it was today.
Cold, crisp, frosty and....sunny.
A lovely winter's day.
Even the scoot / walk to school and preschool was calm.
If we weren't walking alongside a busy main road it would have been perfect.
Here's what I snapped on the phone camera.


11 January 2012

#ISpy........something beginning with T

When I first saw that this week's #ISpy letter was T the first things to jump into my head were images that I am NOT putting on this blog. I can however guarantee that someone probably has - naming no names here!
So I am keeping it clean and in fact keeping it green as this week I have recycled some images from my blog that come together to make T.
You can't actually see it, but it's there. In the pictures.

What do you think I'm spying here then?

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Mum of One

7 January 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!!

We should all know it my now - Saturday is Caption Day here in blogland.
So set your eyes on the photo below and come up with a caption!
What are they thinking here then?

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6 January 2012

Project Shack

Big relaxing sigh - the children are now back to school and preschool I have reclaimed my Fridays - hoorah! Although it's still only January I am looking ahead to Spring and Summer in the garden. I have accepted that I need to fall back in love with my house again - see here - and with the house loving comes some garden loving and, more specifically for me, some shack loving! The lovely Kerry, aka @thelovebump, reignited my passion for my garden shack last night with an interesting little project she has got on the boil - watch this space.

My shack was always intended to be my space, so the plastic ELC kitchen will have to find a new home - the children are NOT turning it into a playroom!

Project Shack started over three and a half years ago and is still not completely finished. That's what happens when you have children - nothing gets done.
My lovely father in law did the majority of the work from digging out the garden...

... to laying the concrete base...

...to putting up the shack.

With a little help from Edith.

Since it's structural completion I have put in a table - actually a little too big so hope to change it at some point - my old feeding glider chair, and lots of girly hearts and knick knacks!

What I really want to do, now that I have my Fridays back to myself, is.....

Fit some curtains for the side windows and possibly the front and door windows too.
Make my own bunting with coordinating fabric.
Cosy up the chair with a patchwork quilt or appliqued throw - made by me obviously!
Run some electricity into it so I can set up a work blog station.
Maybe paint it rather than stain it - the jury's still out on this one.
Get some heating in there for the cooler days!
Maybe insulate the walls - but that would spoil the quirky panelling inside, grrr.
Fit a better lock so I can hide in there securely on the weekends - HA!

I hope to achieve some of the above over the next few months but whatever I do to it my shack will always hold a special place in my heart as it was put up for me to create my own little space for some peace and quiet (?!?)- just a couple of weeks after this little sausage was born in May 2008!

That's why it's taken this long to even think about finishing it!


4 January 2012

#ISpy.......something beginning with N

This week MumOfOne has thrown the letter N our way in her #ISpy meme. 
It took me a while to come up with something so I trawled through the archives and found this one of my gorgeous girl.
Two things to spy here, one of them looks enormous!

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Mum of One
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