21 January 2012

BritMums Live 2012 - Meet & Greet!

I've just been catching up on some blogs and came across Stepford Wifey who is hosting a 'Meet & Greet' for BritMums Live! It's a linky to 'meet' others that are going to London in June and to find out a little more about them. What a fab idea!

So, for those who don't me, hello!!!! *waves madly and smiles*

Name: Viv

Blog: http://melkshammum.blogspot.com

Twitter ID: @MelkshamMum (You can also find me on Pinterest & Facebook!)

Height: About 5' 5"

Hair: Chin length, thick, reddish (dyed!) brown, curly/wavy/sometimes a bit frizzy, generally a bit mad.

Eyes: Blue

Likes: pasta, pear cider, The Killers, Brandon Flowers, baking, attempting to sew and generally being crafty, camping, festivals and a heap of other things!

Dislikes: prejudice, rudeness.

This is me!

The 3 year old will be left safe at home - hooray!

Come and say hi  x x


  1. Hello! my 3 year old will also be left safe at home - perhaps I'll see you there!

  2. I will come find you........see you there :0

  3. Hello, my nearly 3yr old and nearly 1yr old are both going to be left at home with their Dad (poor them I fully expect to come home to chaos and crying - probably from my husband who has never looked after them both for more than a couple of hours!) so I am looking forward to it! Oh and if a glass or two of wine happen to be fall down my throat then it's not my fault ok?
    See you there :)

  4. looking forward to meeting you there... :)

  5. Hi Viv nice to 'meet' you! Isn't this linky a great idea?!

  6. Woo hoo! Trying very hard not to dance around the living room at the thought of a day out on my own meeting all the lovely peeps I've been chatting to virtually for so long. Will be looking out for you! *taps toes impatiently*

  7. Hi Viv,

    lovely to "Meet" you. Hope to bump into you in June and meet you properly :)

  8. Just popped over from the meet and greet. Love the cute picture :) Looking forward to June too - see you there!


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