25 January 2012

#ISpy.........something beginning with L

It's L this week on #ISpy and I'm extra excited as I got to pick the letter!
Why L?
Because I wanted to use the following picture again!

To me it shows something so special, something that is not always going to be demonstrated so clearly between the two of them but hopefully something that will always be there for the rest of their lives.

I'm not particularly close to any of my siblings but I hope that Edith and Alban will be different.

So here's the picture.
What L can you see?

Play some more #ISpy here

Mum of One



  1. It has to be 'Love' fab picture x Sweet :-)

    1. Thanks Ali. One of.my favourites. It's not going to last though is it?!

  2. I agree - definitely Love (although the Cheetah Keeper says snuggling - he hasn't quite got the 'L' thing yet)

    1. Well the Cheetah Keeper is very observant. Love will be understood soon! x

  3. Super cute :) I did Love too - aren't we predictable!


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