1 February 2012

A Cherry On Top!

The gorgeous Super Amazing Mum - I'm not just saying that, she is gorgeous, look here! - has passed the award/meme baton on to little old me! The Cherry On Top Award is what, I think, it's called and here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • List 3 things you love about yourself
  • Post a picture that you love
  • Pass this onto 5 bloggers you love
So, Super Amazing Mum, I thank you for the tag and I hope to meet you one day so you can give me a lesson in red lipstick as I haven't mastered the shade or application! Anyway, moving on to me and what I love about myself.....


Apologies, have just sat here for a LOOOOOONG time trying to think of something. I could write 3,333 things that I don't love about myself but this is meant to be a happy post with cherries!

Right, be positive, here goes:
  1. I love that I gave up my career to stay at home with my scrumptious children. Yes, I've mumbled about this in the past but it was the right thing to do. So well done me. *pats self on back*
  2. I love that I am finally trying something new and learning new skills with the use of my sewing machine - with the support of the #pinaddicts girls - and that I am being more confident about meeting new people soon! < some of those #pinaddicts girls and loads of you lovelies at BritMums live! (I'll be the shy one in the corner)
  3. I love myself for pushing, quite literally, for a VBAC with my son. Yes, I failed with the inability to turn down the drugs and I was out of it while they ventoused him out, BUT I beat the midwives 'threats' of "If you're not dilated 3 cm by midnight we'll cart you off to theatre" Ha!
Ok, a picture that I love. I have loads, but here's one I really love - a rare one with the husband in it!

This was the summer of 2009 which I spent doing loads with the little ones who were 3 and 1. The three of us went to Cornwall to stay with the in-laws - who have now buggered off moved to a wreck barn in France. We did loads of camping and life was happier and less stressful then it is now. *sighs*

Moving on then. Just Five of the bloggers I love to pass the award onto.....

The very awesome Kerry over at Life As I Know It.
The beautiful haired Jess over at Mum2BabyInsomniac
My future roomie Motherventing
And two bloggers I'm really looking forward to meeting in June, SAHDandproud and JustAboveAverageMum

Go and check them out  x x


  1. That is a lovely post and a great idea! It is hard to see the positives sometimes, so it's good when you are forced to as it reminds you that you're not so bad after all! x

    1. So true, I'm rubbish at being positive about myself x

  2. I'm done! Thanks for the tag and that photo is lovely. It's nice to see what Melksham Dad looks like! Very handsome :) Looking forward to our #PinAddicts meet-up! x

    1. Ha ha, handsome Melksham Dad! I won't tell him as his ego will explode ;)


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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