13 February 2012

A collection of Firsts...

That rather splendid chap SAHDandproud has tagged me in this meme where I have to delve into my deepest darkest memories to recall a collection of first events. Some of them I can't even remember, I mean c'mon I can't even remember what I did on Saturday! Good start there then.

So, how many of these firsts can you recall?

Who was your first boyfriend?
My first proper boyfriend - in that we met up regularly, went on dates and had a laugh - was called Paul. I was 17 - a bit of a late starter - and he was lovely. We met in a pub, not far from my house, that had a lot of live music (Iron Maiden secretly played there! Not my musical taste by the way) and would serve us all drinks. He was also a Norwich City Football Club season ticket holder, a match made in heaven really. I dumped him for some reason and felt a bit bad about that as he was really lovely. Oh well. Karma came back to bite me hard later in life!

First person you kissed?
Erm....I think he was called Matthew and I was drunk underage on New Year's Eve. End of.

First job?
In a fish and chip shop when I was doing my A levels. Classy hey?!

First pay packet? What did you buy with it?
From the above job all of my pay packet went on going to away matches to see Norwich City. Those were the days when a ticket was about £6 as was the Club Canary coach fare - bargain!

First CD you remember buying?
I have racked my brain over this one and just cannot recall what it was. I remember my first tape - Aha, bought for me on a day trip to London (my brother chose Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms - why do I remember this??!) And my first 7" single was Aha - The Living Daylights!

First holiday abroad?
Kassiopi, Corfu with my friend Louise when we were 18. Two girls abroad, alone, mwahahahahaha! I behaved myself thank you very much!

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?
I went to America for a year when I was 18, then off to Uni and never returned.

There you go, my series of firsts. You have learnt a little bit more about me.

I'm going to now tag.................... @butwhymummywhy x


  1. That's a new one, I haven't seen it before! I'm not sure I can remember all of mine!!

  2. Did you get free chips? That would have been dangerous for me as a teen :)


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