2 February 2012

How do I fix my ripped hole?

Today has been a day of many questions; why must my children have a meltdown when half the world decides to walk to school? Why must my husband leave his clothes next to the laundry bag? How do I dry a hand washed duvet? - It's okay you tweeters of little faith, I'm working on it!! - but the one question I really need an answer to is: How do I fix my ripped hole?

As I bent over to tie up my shoelaces this morning I noticed that the teeny tiny hole on one knee of my jeans had turned into this:

These are my favourite 'go to' jeans when I just want to be comfy and slouchy. These are the jeans that I rock with my old skool Adidas - yes, I'm still down with the kids thank you. These are the jeans I wear with flip flops on warm Spring days. These are the jeans I drag on for the chilly evenings at festivals and camping. These are the jeans I bought from Fat Face 5 years ago. These are the jeans I ADORE!!! So what the feck am I going to do now? Note the use of bold and italicised text for maximum effect - or is it affect? I AM annoyed.

Sod's Law dictates that now I want a new pair of jeans the shops will not have them in my cut, fit or shade of choice. So, is there an alternative? We are living in testing times and maybe I need to be a bit more frugal with my clothes - not that I have bought myself anything new for months. Maybe I could just ignore it and pretends it's not there? The jeans aren't tight ones so you can't really see it. But, the hole may grow and grow and then the bottom half of the leg will fall off and that would just look ridiculous. Maybe I could patch it? That's what I do Grandma does when the kiddies get a hole in their trousers. But what would I use? How would I do it? Would I look like a fool?

So readers, what do you think I should do?!


  1. I would pop a small insert of fabric behind, maybe a cute floral or bright colour, make a feature out of it.

    No matter how you sew it, it will look fixed, so why not make it into something cool!

    You could also pop a patch of the matching fabric on the back pocket?

    1. Great idea, thanks. Now I need to find a tutorial on how to patch jeans!

  2. I would find a beautiful bit of fabric and patch it, I think it will look great.

  3. Like this?

  4. I've seen iron on patches for jeans at the craft store that come in different colors, that would be super easy.

  5. Yes, you must patch them! They are your favourite jeans, what else can you do? I have an absolutely best ever pair of Gap jeans, which are wearing through and they no longer seem to sell. Boo hoo! I must take my own advice.

  6. Oh I hate that but it going have to be a funky patch from the inside through otherwise it wouldn't look funky anymore, say's the queen of funk not!!!

    On the bright side it could be worse, I am currently rocking a slightly larger rip in my crotch of my jeans which today felt a tiny bit chilly! x

  7. Ha ha! Compared to you I don't have much to worry about, Brrrrr! x

  8. sends sympathy.
    Still mourn the loss of fav Levi's that fell to same fate and of course, style and cut no longer exist.
    My current FAVE FAVE pair skinnies have a big hole across the jeans, am still wearing them, in a sulky fashion. Can't imagine patching them. Will think about that.

  9. Did you patch the hole in your jeans? Any pictures...

  10. Yeah, did you patch them? How did they come out? You know you can create and design your own iron on patches? Might be something fun to do with the children. Thanks for sharing.


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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