17 February 2012

I have a dream*....*a Pinterest dream

I have a dream.....a rather materialistic dream. I know, I should be dreaming of world peace and happiness but I am dreaming about my home.

One day, one day my Pinterest dreams will become reality.

One day I will blog about the builders and how much of my tea they are drinking, the mess they are making going upstairs to the toilet, the amount of cigarette butts on my lawn, the noise, the upheaval, the extra debt.

One day I will post pictures of my extended home where I can shut myself away in my kitchen rather than stand in a kitchen space of 2 square metres where everyone can bother me.

One day I will put the washing machine on in a utility room and be able to shut the door so the whole house doesn't hear it try and take off on full spin.

One day* my Pinterest dreams will become reality.

But for now I am thankful for Pinterest, a place where I can pin my dreams until I burst with excitement!

Come and share in my dreams on click on the magic words: Pinterest Dreams!

*the day I win the lottery


  1. Love pininterest
    Hope you get ur dream 😊

  2. That is an amazing dream! I dream of having my Pinterest home too :)

  3. Do you know, I have resisted for so long but bugger me, I'm hooked.


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