29 February 2012

Number One when my babies were born

I've been tagged by The Crumby Mummy in this latest music meme where you remember click here to find out the Number One on the day your baby was born. Thanks goes to SAHDandproud for the info on the link.

I do actually remember what was number one when Edith was born as I meticulously filled in her baby record book - this went out of the window for Alban, sorry son.

Edith makes me smile, a lot, so it was rather apt that this was her song:
Lily Allen Smile

Alban's song is more forgettable:
Madonna & Justin Timberlake 4 minutes (Can you sing it without watching it first?!)

I'm going to tag MumOfOne, MadamDing & NotSoSlummy or just join in anyway! x x x 


  1. That was quick. The first one is lovely! Was your son born in 4 minutes? Maybe that's why? ;0)

  2. Oh, this is a lovely thing to find out. I know Elvis was number one when I was born, I must find out for the children too. For my partner's recent birthday I was going to buy him whatever song was number one when he was born but it was AWFUL so I decided against it, he's has enough awful music for me to contend with.

  3. I am rather useless at filling in the baby books for mine, thats one good thing about blogging our records can be kept and stored :)


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