6 February 2012

#pinaddicts no.1 - Bunting


And so it has begun - The #pinaddicts challenge! Hundreds of  Some bloggers have been perfecting their crafting skills over the last month in readiness for the linky with Kerry @thelovebump over at Life As I Know It. If you have yet to hear of this phenomenon then click on the #pinaddicts badge for all the info or read all about it here! But basically if you love Pinterest and are talented / mad enough to have a go at your own crafting then this is the linky for you!

Right then, here is my inspirational picture for this week's challenge from my Pinterest #pinaddicts board:

Cushion covers, curtains & bunting!
I aspire for the inside of my garden shack to look something like the above!?!

And here is the 'pin' from my #pinaddicts board.
(Tutorial link)

As you can see my challenge was to make some bunting for my shack.

Here's how I followed the tutorial!

I cut a template for the size that would suit and fit the hanging space in my shack.
This temaplate measured 15cm across the top and 21cm from the midpoint to the tip.

I then drew around and cut out the template 7 times onto my fabric and 7 times onto a colour contrasting fat quarter - 7 for the front, 7 for the back.

Next I pinned a front triangle to a back triangle - right side facing together.

These were then sewn together along the two long sides:

I then turned the 7 triangles the right way out and wiggled a white pencil in the tip of the triangle to try and get a decent looking point - apparently there is a specific tool you can buy for this job.

I laid out the triangles and measured the gap that I wanted in between each one.
Then each triangle was sewn onto the hanging ribbon binding by sandwiching each triangle in between two lengths of binding. Next time I will buy it wider and fold it over.

Finally I took my bunting down to the shack armed with a hammer and some tacks and hung it up.
Here it is!

Check out the matching curtains!!

It looks ok doesn't it?
*Gives self a big pat on the back!*

Now, if you haven't done so already, check out the other #pinaddicts over at Life As I Know It.

If I have inspired you to join in you will find the next linky here on my blog on the first Monday of March - so get pinning, crafting & blogging!



  1. Lovely bunting and gorgeous fabric!! Caught a glimpse of your lovely pink sewing machine too!! Love it and cant wait for our sewing class. x

  2. I love your sewing machine! The bunting is great too :)
    I think my next project is going to be a sewing one. I bought a new sewing machine last year and have only used it once. Feeling a bit guilty now for spending all that money!

  3. Viv!!!!!!!!!! Its stunning! You clever thing. I adore the fabric! And WHERE did you get that pink sewing machine?? xx

    1. The sewing machine is from John Lewis for just 50 English pounds!!

  4. I love your bunting! Such a cute fabric x

  5. Gorgeous! I haven't managed to finish the bunting I started when Pinaddicts was first mentioned so linked up something else I tried (attention span of a gnat me)! Will have whip out all 40 triangles and get going now! PS I want my own shed too!

  6. I love your bunting! The fabric is awesome and perfect for your shack . Jealous of your pink sewing machine too x

  7. Agree. It looks lovely. The fabric is fab :)

  8. That is beautiful, I wish I could use my sewing machine but im afraid of beating it to death lol! That is just so pretty and love the fabric! x

  9. Wow!You have an amazing job! Perfect! And I love your pink sewing machine! x

  10. That is gorgeous, keep meaning to make some bunting for Ls room, not managed it yet

  11. I want your sewing machine please! I think my pin cushion would look so pretty on it! ;) haha great work on the bunting and thanks for the handy tutorial - am going to have to give this one a go soon! Smith x

  12. Brilliant! Well done you! I love the fabric it's gorgeous!

  13. Gorgeous bunting...really love the fabric x

  14. My Pinterest addiction is getting out of hand ;) Love that bunting x

  15. I went on a sewing course to learn how to make bunting. I love the stuff!

    Your wellie fabric is ace - I have wellie addiction, can you tell me the name of the pattern/designer? x

  16. I am very jealous of your shack! the bunting is great as is the fabric

  17. It looks really lovely! We have just moved house and now have a summerhouse in the garden, and I've also got in mind to make some bunting for it!

  18. Great bunting! I am a big bunting fan - Ive made more bunting than anything else since learning to sew.


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