9 February 2012

The Positives of the Husband Working Away

In the coming months there are going to be some major changes in the Melksham Mum household. After months of discussions, indecisions and changing his mind (about a 100 times) the husband has decided to stay in employment and work near Birmingham for 3 days a week. The alternative was redundancy - Gah! It would have been quite a nice payout that would have kept us going for about 8 months if necessary but a gamble nonetheless. Also, his line of work is very specialised so I am happy that he has chosen not to take the risk - and selfishly it also means I don't have to find permanent work yet and can persue some supply work.

A while ago I was getting my knickers in a real twist over this. We had made the decision not to move up there in the foreseeable future so it will be just me and the kiddies for 3 days a week. I was stressing myself out over silly issues like How will I cope? Will I be lonely? What will I do for a car? Now I am seeing the positives!

  • I can have the bed to myself for a couple of nights a week.
  • I can read as late as I want without anyone moaning at me to switch the light off.
  • I can tweet, blog, pin in bed!
  • I can watch what I want on the television.
  • I can catch up on some chick flicks.
  • I can eat my favourite foods.
  • I will only have two 'children' to clear up after.
Obviously there will be negatives though and these are.....
  • I will have to put the bins out.
That's all I can think off at the moment! I'm sure some people would have a huge list of I will miss his company, I'll miss his cuddles in bed etc but for me I think it will actually make us appreciate each other a heck of a lot more than we do now. Yes it will be crap when he comes home extra tired and moody due to the travel and the fact he never sleeps well in hotels but I will have to learn to cut him some slack and let him have a lie in on the weekend - occasionally!

All in all the fact that a decision has been finally made has allowed me to breathe again as I was seriously secretly freaking out over all of this.

I just hope he doesn't change his mind again.

x x



  1. I think I'd love a bit of peace :) Hope it all works out for you, sure it will xx

  2. My valentines present is hubby going to Dublin for the weekend with work. House, bed and tv to myself - yay!
    Mummy on the edge

  3. Time apart does definitely makes each of your appreciate each other more (at least it did for me and my partner anyway) Hope it does for you too :)

  4. Well done seeing the positives. I know it will be hard, but like you said you will appreciate each other more and think of that peace quiet. Enjoy and hope it goes ok. Hugs xx

  5. I like it when my husband goes away too - having the bed to myself and a decent night sleep is a real blessing!

  6. I think 3 days is the perfect length of time to be away. Time to do want you want but long enough that you're glad he's back. I'm sure it will all work out brilliantly in the end. x

  7. Ha ha. This did make me laugh. Love the one negative point!! I'm not sure you will appreciate him more when he returns each week. You'll prob just be irritated that he is ruining your new routine!! Only joking. It does take some getting used to and there are ups and downs to it but you'll get used to it pretty quickly I'm sure. x


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