24 March 2012

Are you going to Brit Mums Live?!

It's not that long now until BritMumsLive 2012! Whoop-de-whoop!
I would be telling a big fat porky if I said I wasn't a bit shy or nervous about going but luckily I have some other bloggers to hold my hand on the underground - thanks SAHDandproud and Motherventing!
Luckily someone has come up with a fab Q&A meme about the whole event to put us all at ease.

The Ultimate Brit Mums Meme was started off by Claire from A Boy With Asperger's and I've been tagged by the super fit Bod For Tea

Q: What’s your blog title/URL and how long have you been blogging?
My blog is http://www.melkshammum.blogspot.com and I've been blogging since July 2011.

Q: Will Britmums Live be your first blogging conference?
Sort of, yes. I went to Blog Camp Bristol last October and met some of my favourite bloggers but this is my first proper overnighter!

Q: Did you bag yourself a sponsor?
Erm, no. Noone has banged at my blog door offering their money so I'm funding this myself my husband is funding this one.

Q: Are you attending both days?
Oh yes!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?
Meeting up with Motherventing and The Lovebump again and finally getting the chance to meet SAHDandproud, NotSoSlummy, LagosMum and loads others!!

Q: Are you wearing Branded Clothing (your sponsors brand)?
Erm no. My husband's clothes would look rubbish on me.

Q: What is your planned style for this event?
Style?! Me? *snorts* I will probably arrive in a fluster wearing my work clothes from the morning - so sensible trousers, top & flats. I will be packing more trousers / jeans / flats / flip flops for the Saturday. Maybe a pair of heels and something a bit more glam for the evenings - watch this space.

Q: Are you hoping to be nominated for a BiB award?
I have!!! Squeals.

Q: If so what category?
I've been shortlisted for Fresh Voice if you want to chuck a vote my way x x

Q: Will you be looking to network with Brands?
 I'm not sure really. I'm seeing it more of an experience to learn more about the blogosphere and meet some fabulous people.

Q: What do you hope to walk away having gained from the conference?
An armful of swag. New friendships, fresh ideas and probably a stinking hangover.

Q: Will you be dressing up in the toilets for the Friday night BiBs?

What's your idea of dressing up?! I will put the feelers out to see what everyone is planning to wear so I do not look either over or under dressed.

Q: Are you speaking at the conference and if so when, where and how do you feel about doing so?Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......no.

Q: Will you be joining in the early morning bloggercise on the Saturday?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......no.

Q: What speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?
I really hope get there in time on the Friday to hear Ruby Wax. On the Saturday I will be checking out the Daddy Bloggers!

Q: What workshops will you be attending on the Friday (Day 1)
Probably the Discussion Den: Can you really have it all?

Q: What Workshops being held on the Saturday (Day 2) have grabbed your attention?
Photography, using Facebook and the Daddy Bloggers.

Q: Are you booked into a hotel for the Friday night, if yes which one?
I'm booked into The Hoxton and my roomie is Motherventing!

Q: Will you be looking for after party drinks?

Q: Are you worried about not knowing anyone or being confident and socialising on the day?
Errr.....yes, to the confident bit. I'm a bit scared of how I'll come across in real life as people may have built up some amazing picture of me! Or not.

Q: What are you most likely to be found doing while attending Britmums Live?
Drinking tea before 6p.m. Drinking cider after 6p.m. Giggling nervously. Trying to look confident!

Now here's the rules... basically copy the questions and answer them, link back to A Boy With Asperger's and there is a linky there so we can all find each other and learn a bit more. Then tag a few more people to join in. 

I think loads of you have done this already but I'll try @thelovebump @SAHDandproud @LagosMum

If you see me - I'll be the one with the eighties curls - come and say hello!
x x x



  1. Hope you have a brilliant time, I bet you will! I've just voted for you in the Fresh Voices category so fingers crossed for you xx

  2. So excited to be going too and I really must do this meme!
    Congrats again on your shortlist and look forward to hearing your acceptance speech ;)

    1. Yay! And hahahahahahahahahaha....probably not!

  3. Really enjoyed reading and look forward to meeting you on the day. Congrats on the short list and thanks for taking part.
    Ps I agree, I wouldn't wear the husbands clothing nether lol. (Claire Louise A boy with aspergers blog) xx

    1. Thanks for setting up the linky, it's a great idea. See you in June! x x

  4. Thank you for the tag! Will do it soon :) x

  5. It is going to be EPIC I tells you! We will rule from the Hoxton... ;)

    And we HAVE to plan our shopping trip! I am going to dress you up gooooooooood x x x


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