10 March 2012

Chickenpox Love

Finally, having swept through the preschool and taken down most children, the chickenpox virus is upon us. Alban was grouchy on Thursday and I knew something was up when he turned down cakes and biscuits at the school cake sale - always a surefire warning. His best friend had come out in spots that day so it was just a matter of waiting. Then overnight the first signs appeared.

Today he slept loads and after a late lunch was smiling away:

Maybe it was the love from his big sister that cheered him up?

Now we are fighting the itchiness with calamine lotion and Piriton.
I hope my boy keeps on smiling through.
x x x


  1. We found calamine was rubbish, we got far more relief from bicarbonate of soda in the bath (and 3 baths a day) and aveeno cream (oats are supposed to relieve it, but rather than making a bath of porridge we used aveeno)

    1. He started itching once I put the calamine on him. We have Aveeno and bicarb of soda so may try those. Thanks x

  2. Bless her! I don't think anything makes me happier than one of my boys showing how much they care about the other. I guess we must be doing something right. Really hope Alban is feeling better soon. X

  3. Really hope he feels better soon. Lovely letter from his sister! x

  4. Hope the man is feeling better very soon and I'm sure his sisters letter helped loads x

  5. Oh poor boy. Love the letter though

  6. Aww poor wee guy. My boys and I all had the chicken pox last August, yes even me. It was awful, I found Virasoothe was the best for it. Hope he gets better soon. xx

  7. Oh no poor you - the pox is horrid. If the itching gets really bad try Aloe Vera Gel - we found it was better than calamine. Also a bath in bicarbionate of soda!

  8. Eek! Oh well, guess it's good to get it out of the way while they're young. And that letter from Sis? Awwwww... x


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