28 March 2012

Crafty Chicks

Edith is having her final day at home today recuperating from chickenpox and got bored so we decided to make some little chicks. It is Easter soon after all! This is a great little project if you have some scraps of fabric. I let Edith choose two pieces out of my box:

We cut out two body shapes and four wing shapes. We did ours quite small.

Sew two pieces of wing together right sides facing - leaving the bottom join open so you can turn the right way out and stuff.
Repeat for the other wing.

Sandwich the wings in between the two body pieces - right sides together - with the wings inside. Pin in place then sew round the body leaving a gap at the bottom.

Trim the excess fabric.

Turn the right way out and stuff!

 Edith was particularly good at this as she has delicate fingers - unlike my clumsy claws.

Then it's the fun part!
Embellish with felt, sequins, buttons, whatever you can lay your hands on.
Alban had to have one too and I made his bigger as Edith's was very fiddly!

How cute do they look?!

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  1. Cute as! You are quite the little crafter now aren't you!
    Glad Edith recuperating :)

  2. I just love them! Def will give this a try with my kidlets this holiday!

  3. Hi! Just to let you know I have nominated you for another little Liebster over on http://highlyunlikelyhousewife.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/lovin-liebster.html


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