15 March 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to work I go...

...with a shovel and spade and a hangrenade. Or maybe not as I may get into trouble with the head teacher for that. So, yes, I'm going back to the world of work. I'm waving goodbye to my status as a SAHM and venturing into working mum territory. Long gone will be the days of swanning around in my Discovery*, having manicures** and meeting friends for coffee*** . I will be saying hello to the days of extra early starts, breakfast clubs and a bit of cash in my purse - minus the nursery, preschool and breakfast club fees. Damn.

For those that don't know, I will be employed as a Y3 TA, five mornings a week on a fixed term contract. It's a decision I thought carefully about with regards to my kiddies, own career and work/life balance. I could have gone for the money option and returned to the classroom as a teacher. But I've done that and it didn't work for me and my family. It took over too much of my life. For those that do it I take my hat off to you, you are amazing. For those that don't get it - teachers work ridiculous hours; evenings, weekends and yes, the holidays. They are constantly planning, preparing, marking, assessing, worrying, stressing.... The list goes on. For me it was too much. My sister (teacher) is very envious.

I guess I've been fortunate not having to work and I'm fortunate to be able to choose this route back into working with children. The salary was quite a shock when I first saw it. I have worked with amazing TAs who have been worth their weight in gold and never given the credit, or financial recognition, they deserve. It is a job far removed from the days of helping the teacher by sharpening pencils, wiping noses and whacking up the odd display. TAs are a valued and skilled member of the school workforce.

Now, however,  I have to go and spend some money before I've even earned it as I need a work wardrobe. My past teaching clothes either no longer fit or look acceptable in 2012! I need something beyond jeans, jeans, jeans, leggings and jeans. This will be a chore as I realise I should have got my arse into fitness mode months ago as I will no doubt find myself in a changing room squeezing into outfits that cling in all the wrong places. Oh well. I will never learn.

So, I'm going to enjoy these next few weeks with my kiddies and have a fun Easter holiday. Then it will be off to work for me.
I think I'm going to enjoy this new phase in my life.

*I wish
**Have you seen my nails?
***It happened about twice

x x x 


  1. Good luck!!! Anyone that can juggle multiple kids, early mornings and motherhood is a wonderwoman in my book!!! Hope it's the best balance for you and you really enjoy it :)

  2. Good luck! I just wish I could find a job at the moment as we really need the money but I am not prepared to go and work full time.

  3. Woo hoo! Nice one and all that. I hope you enjoy it, and that y3 know what they are letting themselves in for.

  4. Good luck! And enjoy the clothes shopping :)

  5. When I found out that I was pregnant I was working part time as a TA and I was at uni part time studying my PGCE. I am due to go back to uni in September but I am not sure what I want to do. Your post has given me food for thought. Do you think you will ever go back to teaching?

    1. To be honest, I don't know! There's a bit of me that thinks I've worked hard to become a teacher and I'm good at it so why throw it away. There's a big bit of me though that knows me very well and I can only cope with so much. If I had to do it then obviously I would but for now I'm fortunate that my husband earns enough for me to take on a TA job. It's mainly my children I'm doing it for though. I wasn't to be mum for them at 3.15 every day. No way I can do that teaching. Even part time doesn't always work as it takes over. DON'T let me put you off though because everyone is different. I have worked with loads of successful full time teachers with young families. Oh, not having any family support is also a major factor in my decision, it's all on me.
      Thanks for your comment x

  6. Thanks for your honesty. I know that I won't want to teach for a while but I worry that, if I don't go back, I will waste what I have done. Hopefully by September it will all become clear!


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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