8 March 2012

My own homemade sunglasses case!

My clumsy husband sat on my sunglasses the other day and obviously broke them - the fool. Sod's Law dictated that the sun would shine very brightly that day making my eyes stream. Luckily we headed into Bath and I went looking for some new sunnies.
Now, what really annoys me when buying sunglasses is the pathetic bag they give you which offers no protection to the glasses and nine times out of ten ends up lost and gritty in the bottom of  my bag.

How rubbish does that look?

Something has come over me lately though. Instead of paying out for a better case I said to myself...

"I'll make one!"

Where the heck did that come from? I've always been known to buy something if I need it.
Whatever it was I set to it using logic and luck.

I found some old fabric and felt - for lining & protection, clearly! And cut out a rectangle that looked like it would be big enough to sew and make a pouch. Clearly I was flying by the seat of my pants.

I used a tiny amount of fabric glue to hold the felt in place and then sewed a lip over the top to create a drawstring tunnel - I'm sure there are technical words for this process, please educate me if you know them.
I then folded the fabric over, right sides together, worked out where to sew the pouch together, ensuring I didn't sew up my tunnel, and trimmed the excess fabric:

I had a quick fight with it whilst turning it the right way out.

The next job was threading the ribbon through.
Last week I met the lovely Kerry for coffee in Bradford on Avon and we went to a lovely yarn, fabric & sewing shop called Jumble Jelly. I bought some gorgeous ribbon and used some of it here.
I put a safety pin through one end then grappled it through the tunnel. This was quite fiddly - please let me know if there is an easier way. It also didn't help when the pin unpinned itself halfway through.
Anyhows here are some pics:

 Safety pin the end....
...and grapple it through - easy!?!

Ta Da!
(I made one for my smartphone too!)

x x x



  1. Good job on the creativity, it looks great!

  2. Looks fab and I LOVE the sewing machine!! Is it easy to use? I need one but too scared lol!x

    1. Really simple to use. It is a basic one from John Lewis x

  3. YOU are too bloody clever!! LOVE that ribbon :)

    I look like a dork. :OP x

  4. Looks fantastic, make well just have to borrow (nick!) the idea. If you can find one a good old fashioned nappy pin, like the ones you use on terry nappies will not come undone halfway through as it has a safety catch.

    1. Great idea on the pin. I wonder if mothercare still stock them?!?

  5. ♥ love, love love! ♥ and just a teensy bit jealous of your fab pink sewing machine too! :)

  6. Love the machine! love the glasses case!

  7. My goodness, that homemade sunglasses case looks lovely. With this, I can finally make a sunglasses case for my daughter.


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