26 March 2012

The Pirates - Bristol Premiere

"The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists"

Last night I was very lucky to have attended the Bristol premiere of Aardman Animations latest creation, The Pirates - in an Adventure with Scientists!

It seems having a child with you was part of the criteria for getting in so I took Alban along for the fun - it is a children's film after all! Poor old Edith was still suffering from chickenpox so she frustratingly stayed at home with Dad.

Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was a real mix of attire; glamorous dresses, suits, designer outfits, pirate costumes - not just on the children, and plenty of smart/casual jeans and flats - phew.

Inside, the cinema complex was decked out with palm trees and there were balloon artists - for the children - and buxom Pirate lasses handing out shots of Captain Morgan - for the grown ups. Unfortunately I was driving so could not partake in the shots of rum - damn.

Anyway, the film. Briefly it is the tale of Pirate Captain, a not so successful pirate, who is aiming to win 'Pirate of the Year'. He has stiff competition though from the likes of Cutlass Liz and Black Bellamy. His adventures on the high seas lead him to stumble upon Charles Darwin, who, noticing something different about the Captain's parrot, tries to 'help' him. I'm not going to give anything else away so instead, here's the trailer:

Did you spot the amazing visual effects?!

Well it's all because of the Visual Effects Supervisor - *ahem* my super talented brother in law - that enabled me to attend last night. Should you go to see the film look out for his name in the opening titles - I'm very proud of him!

Anyway, I would definitely recommend the film and will be taking Edith to see it once she is better.

Here's some pics from my night!

Oh, nearly forgot to say, Hugh Grant came into the screening to do a little speech - no photo though as we had to leave all mobile phones etc for piracy - ha ha ha - reasons!!

Alban saying hello to the film's director Peter Lord.
To the left is my brother in law - aka Visual Effects guy!

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