23 March 2012

Things I've learnt today

It's Day 2, Round 2 of chickenpox in the Melksham Mum house but it's okay as the back door is wide open, the sun is shining and Edith isn't suffering too badly with it. However, it does mean we are confined to the house again but I'm getting on with different things and I have learnt a few things today....

1. The heat of one green chilli can be very different to that of another!
I made soup for lunch; spicy carrot, sweet potato & coconut for me and sweet potato & carrot for Edith.
Last time I made this soup for me the chilli was lacking so this time I put in two - WOWZERS! I won't be doing that again.

2. A bit of face paint can cheer up a poorly girl.
Edith was very upset at missing dress up day at school for Sport Relief - she was going as Olga Korbut! I fobbed her off with a pink nose, whiskers and teeth. Yes, I know that looks nothing like Olga Korbut but she was happy. For a while.

3. I have realised that I can follow a sewing tutorial and I can adapt it to suit me!
No pictures as it is my #pinaddicts project for next month hosted by the lovely Sew Scrumptious!

4. The iPad, although it was a present for me, is a great way to keep pox girl amused.
Heck, I even downloaded a dress up Barbie app for her - Gah!

5. I've been shortlisted for a BiB!
While I was typing away at this post my iPad went *ping* and there was a message from @MinistryofMum - shortlisted in the Laugh section - saying hooray!
If you want to chuck a vote my way click here!!

Thank you if you nominated me x x x


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  1. I am dreading the pox visiting our house. Hope they leave yours soon. Good luck with the BiBs!!!!


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