14 March 2012

What's happened to E?

My Edith, my girl, my beautiful daughter. I dedicated a Gallery post to her back in November last year and I am still so, so, proud of her.

She is still stubborn.
She is still beautiful.
She is still shy.

My love for her is never going to weaken but lately I've noticed a change in her.
She seems to have real anger inside her that explodes in a huge shouting episode. It is clearly all my fault.

"I hate you."
"Why are you always so cross with me. Everyday you are."
"I want Daddy."

She is five.

Sometimes it is like she is 15 running on hormones. I am absolutely dreading that time to come.
I didn't have the closest relationship with my mum always feeling I was second best to my siblings, the closest in age to me being my elder brother who was a Mummy's boy.
I have always been worried about this repeating with my own children.

Alban is a Mummy's boy. Edith is becoming Daddy's girl.
I am worried.
I feel like I am treading on eggshells with her.

With Alban it is clear cut. I'm not saying he is an angel by any means but I always feel confident with my expectations of him. With Edith I always fear a problem will arise.
An example: last night she was asked to move her flip flips from the lounge and put them away. Simple. But this resulted in her disobeying my request which escalated into her stockpile of phrases, "I hate you" "Why are you always cross with me......" You know the rest.
Yes, I know she gets tired. Yes, I know she misses her Daddy when he's away overnight - this is regularly 'used' as a tool, "I want Daddy" on replay to wind me up. Yes, I know I'm not the most patient of people and probably rise to her a lot quicker than other mums might. Yes, I know I shouldn't shout as I am acting more like a child as well!

I'm just hoping it's a phase.

She will have to get used to Daddy being away on a weekly basis and hopefully once that is part of the routine she will settle more.
I also hope it's the start of chickenpox. I know that sounds mean but Alban has just had it and I need an excuse for this behaviour.
So for now any advice from you would be gratefully received.

I'm linking this up to Mum Of One's #ISpy meme.
Obvious what it is really.
I'm desperately trying to spy my old Edith.

Mum of One


  1. my DD is only 3 so I can't offer you any insights or advice I'm afraid. However, I thank you for sharing this as I'm storing up anything the others might tell you so I'll be prepared.

  2. Oh honey. W is only one so can't answer back....yet. Am sure it will come though. I hope this phase passes soon and maybe you are right, she may be getting a bit under the weather and it will pass. Hugs. *Passes Gin* Thanks for linking up x

    1. I miss my babies being one when I had authority! Thanks for the gin *barfs* x

  3. I'm sorry you're having a miserable time. How stressful for you. My E is younger than Edith but I can really empathise. I sometimes think that he picks up on something I feel guilty about, like going back to work or Hubs being away, and then even though it actually doesn't bother him that much uses that as a button to push with me when he's just generally in a bad mood. I was so worried that E would be traumatised by his dad working away Monday to Friday especially when I then went back to work that I was really anticipating problems and I wonder if that was in fact part of the problem. Once we were in a routine and I was less stressed and could laugh off his tantrums it did settle down. I'm sure it's just a phase though so don't worry. x

    1. She's definitely picking up on things and I need to learn to control my outward feelings too. Thanks Cat x

  4. In my experience 5 is an awful age. It's when they discover that you aren't the only authority so question and push it. Hope it passes for you soon.

  5. If it's any consolation I know someone else who is having the same types of problems with their 5-year old girl. You aren't alone. I hope things get better soon. x

  6. A phase. Definitely a phase. Don't worry, it will all be over in 13 years or so.
    Seriously though, I'm sure it is a phase that she will come out of very soon. x

  7. Aw hun it really does sound like a phase but I know how horrid it can feel x

  8. Cross fingers its the start of chicken pox. Sounds like a phase; little girls always tend to make a bee line for daddy around 5 or so. Daddy is the 'fun' one. Totally expecting this from Little A.


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