3 April 2012

April days in the garden

The sun has been shining so the garden is being enjoyed.

The den has, thankfully, kept the children busy.

The garden is, thankfully, keeping me sane.

It's one of my favourite places this time of the year.

Here's why...

Decorations in the Den

Pretty Bunting

A place for the fairies

Flying fish


An ageing Boris

x x x


  1. I love the den! I want one in my garden, did you build it?

  2. How pretty! You must have had a lot of fun making it!

  3. We have been rained out today. Still went out. Got wet. Not as much fun I find.
    So glad you are feeling better. Can you send your good vibes my way please :/

  4. That den is fabulous! And I love all the garden decorations. Hope the rest of easter is as much fun for you all x

  5. Beautiful. I want a den now, and a fairy garden.

  6. ahh, I want a den.... for me! Your garden looks magical and full of love and life xx

  7. Love it :-) so this what you get up to when you wake up and want to scream!!! Said you would have a good day, as they say 'Twitter Mum' knows best :-) xxx


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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