23 April 2012

The great gig meme in the sky

I've been tagged in a meme that requires a great deal of cranking up of the old brain cells and diving into the box of memories in my head. Musodad started it off with a guest post here and I've been tagged by Mutterings of a fool. It's a great meme as it involves one of my favourite things - live music. I have to tell you about my first gig, worst gig, best gig, last gig and dream gig and somehow add them to a Spotify playlist - I can tweet @musodad to do this for me, phew. So after some gentle cranking here is my list:

First Gig

Sheesh, this took some thinking about to pinpoint my very first gig as I went gig crazy in the early nineties. I am certain though it was EMF at the University of East Anglia and I have a sneaking suspicion they were supported by Carter USM. I definitely saw them play together at some point but am not completely sure it was my first gig. I am annoyed I never kept all of the ticket stubs I collected through my teenage years. Anyway it must have been 1991 and I have clear memories of being very chuffed to get served at the bar - Scrumpy Jack anyone?

EMF - Unbelievable

Worst Gig

I've never been to a gig where I've left thinking 'what a complete pile of tosh' but seeing Oasis play in Boston USA at the Orpheum Theater in 1995 was a bit of a letdown as Liam was a complete tit and stormed off stage. Saying that, I prefer Noel anyway.

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

Best Gig

Simply because of who they are it has to be The Killers at Hyde Park in 2011. It was the first time I had seen them - hopefully not the last - and they were supported by one of my other favourite bands, James, who I saw in the good old nineties too. The weather was crap, they should have played for longer and the volume should have been louder but I don't care as I'm biased.

The Killers - For Reasons Unknown

Last Gig

I'm in shock that my last gig - I'm not including festivals - was last July when I dragged my husband to Cornwall for a mini break purely so I could see Brandon Flowers at the Eden Sessions. This was a great venue for getting a good eyeful of the delectable Mr. Flowers - my husband just about put up with it.

Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts

Dream Gig

This isn't an easy part to complete as I've seen so many of my favourite artists and when it says Dream Gig I feel it should be someone I am desperate to see or am gutted to have missed. I'm going to trawl through my CDs to see if there is someone blatantly obvious I never got to see or have yet to see. Back in a mo...........

.....going back to the nineties again then I would have liked to have seen Pulp. I don't think they are my Dream Gig though just someone I missed catching live.

Pulp - Babies

So, do you have a Dream Gig? Someone will probably say an artist now that would be mine!

I'm going to tag Mum of One and Cat's Yellow Days as I know the pair of them have enjoyed some pretty fine live music!



  1. You have been to some great gigs. I'm sorry to say my last gig has been far too long, although I am looking forward to one this Summer. I saw Oasis too and they were rubbish then as well.

  2. More great choices. Carter USM are brilliant live. Was Jon Beast there and did you chant at him?

    1. Not that I can remember but I met Fruitbat at their Norwich Waterfront gig and he signed my t-shirt!

  3. EMF-Blimey thats a blast from the past-I grew up ten miles away from them so used to see them out and about regular.BTW-they are playing at lakefest at tewkesbury this summer-first time they have played their first album in order live-maybe chance to relive your youth????

  4. Great read! Thanks for taking part. I would love to have seen Brandon at The Eden Sessions - what a great venue that would make. I'll pass on the Scrumpy if you don't mind though, mine's a Snakebite & Black. :)

  5. Wow that's a lot of gigs. I now feel old and crusty. Never seen any of those but did get to see Jean Michel Jarre's Rendezvous Docklands back in the day which was an experience. Off to take some vitamins as I'm clearly over the hill!

  6. Pulp probably would have been very good at the height of their popularity and now I understand your Oasis comment :)


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